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  1. Neil

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    Just to be awkward my entry is less focussed on the wagon and more on the scene. The inspiration comes from one of my all time favourite railway photos, an image of Sleights station from LNER Lines in the Yorkshire Ridings, taken when the goods yard was still in use. Here's a tiny slice from the original which depicts what I've set my sights at.

    sleights station scan.jpg
    We're looking at the wooden open backing onto the platform. What interests me is that both doors are open, on the left fully so and on the right forming a ramp between wagon and platform. I suspect that the wagon is being used as a coal store for the station, there are empty bags draped over the side and what appear to be full bags within.

    I've no idea what the wagon itself is but for me that's not particularly important as I have a suitable victim lined up in the shape of an old Ian Kirk kit bought from the second hand shelf at Tywyn Wharf station a couple of years ago.

    wagon 01.jpg
  2. oldravendale

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    Hi Neil.

    I'd love to see the full frame, please. I know Sleights, but only long after closure. (So does Steph, but he was knee high to a grasshopper).

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    Still am; it's just that grasshoppers are now much bigger :p. Strangely enough I was thinking the same as you and wondering what else was in the full picture...
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    Lovely pic', Neil - irrelevant, I know, but the wagon in the picture is almost certainly a wooden-underframed LNER six-plank with AVB. Not that it matters, but a nice scenic cameo nonetheless.

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  5. Neil

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    Well it appears that I've had yet another scatter-gun malfunction and instead of building the wagon in the photo I've built this instead.

    per 1.jpg

    per 2.jpg

    per 3.jpg
    Well the weather has been unusually kind and it does mean that I can press on with guilt free baseboards in the attached gentleman's play space.
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    Somehow it more satisfying building in 1:1 scale when you can throw wood together with some gay abandon.
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    Completely off subject and of course a few years late but that is a VERY nice iron gate!!!!!

    And of course you could put wheels on the wooden framing and pretend it is a wagon of some sorts!


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