Small BA Screws - supplier

Discussion in 'Resources' started by adrian, 13 March 2014.

  1. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    Yes Steve, a likely source for nuts and bolts if Paul decides that brass metric is an alternative to 16BA.
  2. OzzyO

    OzzyO Western Thunderer

    Jim, you have a milling M/C do you have a dividing head that goes with it? Then you can just mill your own heads on round screw heads, you'll have to loose the slots though.

  3. Roger Melton

    Roger Melton New Member

    I (Just The Ticket - ) have few 16ba x 3/8" hex headed brass screws, and I'm in the process of getting some 1.3mm brass hex if you fancy making your own (and I can supply good quality British-made 16ba dies). I'm also trying to source some 16ba steel hex.