The Low Quay Yard

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  1. Richard H

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    Hi Mick,
    Sorry 'boot the slow ansa - aa'e bin awaa. Aa hope ye found yer trip tae the quay ... fulfillin'!
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    Richard H

    Richard H Western Thunderer

    Hi All,
    With apologies for having been absent for so long (I've been very busy with a couple of non-railway projects), I'm writing to announce that I've decided to withdraw from the Cameo Competition. There are two primary reasons for my decision.

    I've reached a point at which I know that I can not in any circumstances finish the layout before April 2019 and obviously this is a fundamental problem in terms of meeting the criteria for the competition. One element in this was that I was too ambitious in what I thought I might achieve.

    The second reason, though, is that working on the cameo has indeed re-kindled my interest (one of my primary aims in entering the competition), but I have realised that some of the decisions I made when designing my entry no longer satisfy me. Chief amongst these was the decision to save time by using 00 track standards, and I have come to realise that using very short-wheelbase locomotives with proprietary 00 track is likely always to be inherently problematic. I have therefore decided to continue to build my cameo layout (outside the competition), but to re-lay the track using EM standards, although this may require some adjustment to the track plan. I also want, at least in some measure, to improve upon some other aspects of the design and construction.

    Essentially, one of my aims in entering the competition (motivation) has also ready been achieved but, in order to maintain my interest and nourish that motivation, I need to re-focus my intentions and adopt a longer-term plan for finishing the layout.

    I have enjoyed being a member of WT (my first ever railway forum) though, and I've greatly appreciated the constructive comment and encouragement in a friendly environment, so I shall retain my membership and post from time to time in the 'Layout Progress' forum. I shall also enjoy reading the postings of 'forum friends' I have made. Thank you again - I congratulate you all on your entries and I wish you all the very best of luck,
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    What a great shame but I understand the reasons completely and I look forward to seeing the re-vamped model at some stage in the not too distant future. I've long wanted to put together a minimum space EM layout myself, and although track building is not a barrier, maybe the new track will spur me on. Happy modelling and power to your elbow.

    "Al tell the lasses doon the quay what ya deeing and where

    Mick S.
  4. Richard H

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    Thanks Mick - kind thoughts much appreciated. Divvn't forget tae tell Cushy ... and weel may yer keel row!
  5. Chris Veitch

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    Sorry to see that you're withdrawing Richard - I hope you're able to give us updates on the EM project. And many thanks for providing some illumination on an aspect of my very local history on which I was previously totally ignorant!
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  6. Richard H

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    Update (4th January 2020): I withdrew from the Cameo competition because it became clear that I had made some flawed decisions in planning the Low Quay and also vastly over-estimated what I might achieve in the time available. Entering the competition, though, was instructive (not least because of the supportive and encouraging comments posted by WT members) and one the several positive results of entering was to re-affirm my interest in fine scale modelling.

    Re-evaluating both the Cameo experience and my modelling interests led me to develop of a new, longer-term scheme which, because I found the WT experience helpful, I propose to describe in a new thread in the forum “Layout Progress”. I hope that maintaining a blog about my new layout will support both my motivation and self-discipline. The new project is called “Craster”.
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