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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Heather Kay, 18 April 2021.

  1. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    I remember seeing a series of TV shows some 20 years ago, presented by a chap called Tim Hunkin. They were educational and instructive, all about how every day things actually worked.

    Anyway, Tim has popped up on that YouTube. As well as the original TV shows, he’s created a series of programmes aimed at builders and makers, explaining how and why the components we might use to create things actually work.

    One I thought might be most useful for Thunderers is on glue.

    Well worth half an hour of your time, I think. Why not subscribe to Tim's channel while you’re at it.
  2. number6

    number6 New Member

    Superb. Reminded me that Tim and Rex Garrod were visiting lecturers at Norwich School of Art in the 80s. I made a portfolio that looked like two fried eggs under their tutelage. Such lovely quiet intelligence and sense of fun in everything they did.