Who Has Used The Jltrt Buck-eye Parts?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Dog Star, 6 April 2012.

  1. Dog Star

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    JLTRT includes the brass buck-eye parts in the BR and LNER coach kits... well, not quite, this topic is about one of the parts and hoping that someone in WT has some spares.

    The buck-eye coupling is cast brass and includes a cast draw hook - the draw-hook is attached to the underframe moulding by either an 8BA nut/bolt or a self-tapping screw. The draw-hook is included in all of the BR and LNER coach because that part is on the sprue with the buck-eye components. Some kits include an etch part which, when folded, fits between the buffer beam overlay and the headstock of the underframe moulding; this etch resembles a "T" in shape and folds into an "L" shape with one leg against the headstock and one leg against the underside of the underframe moulding - this etch part provides a more secure fastening for the draw-hook.

    In the case of the LNER kits the etch parts (described above) are on a small, supplementary, etch rather being part of the underframe trussing etch.... and guess how many of our kits are missing this extra etch? All bar one - which is how we know about the etch part. Yes, I shall be calling the factory next week and the missing etches might be with me by the end of the month.

    In the meantime, as we are endeavouring to get some coaches assembled by the ALSRM meeting, to pass the Adrian Marks for painting, if anyone has any of the draw-hook mounting etches spare and can loan / sell them to me then I shall be very pleased to hear from them.

    regards, Graham
  2. iploffy

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    Contact MTH I am sure he had the buckeyes I had from Telford
  3. Dog Star

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    With thanks to Robin Pulham, here is a photograph of the parts which I am seeking...

    JLRT drawhook fixing plate.JPG

    Robin has reminded me that these parts might be within the bag of gangway fittings.... no such luck with our kits unfortunately.

    regards, Graham
  4. mth

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    No i didnt.
  5. 3 LINK

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    I have never yet had a kit from JLTRT with all the parts supplied, but top marks to Laurie for sending them return of post :thumbs::).

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  6. Phill Dyson

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    Even better marks for kit suppliers who put all the parts in the box ! :)
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  7. D1054

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    Have to say that I've only had one kit (of many) from Laurie (JLTRT) with a part missing, but he's been brilliant at replacing my bodged efforts :(:thumbs:

    Not used the buck-eyes though......
  8. Dog Star

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    So very true, Laurie has replaced some coach sides after an assembled coach had a small collision and cracked a door pillar on the corridor side. We received a pair of sides for the repair, probably because that is easier for the factory. I recall that the same thing happened when Robin received a kit with a chipped side... what a pity that Robin got a spare D114 side and we had a spare D115 side.
  9. Rob Pulham

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    I just had a look at the JLRT site after seeing a gresley kit advertised on eBay and they have gone up with a bump £225 each now.