Book Yorkshire Steam 1948-1968 by Peter Tuffrey.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Rob Pulham, 16 October 2020.

  1. Rob Pulham

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    It was my birthday a couple of days ago and my good lady bought me an ultrasonic cleaner. so I had a bit of a surprise delivery by the postman today.

    It seems that Chris had also bought me a book called Yorkshire Steam 1948-1968 by Peter Tuffrey. It's basically a book of captioned photographs of steam in Post War Yorkshire. Although some are general station and goods yard shots, there are many close up of locos that will be excellent for spotting those little details. A bit of a bonus for those who are interested, is the inclusion of a lot of colliery engines too. If industrials are your thing this is well worth a look.
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    Post-war’s not my thing
    Yorkshire’s not my thing
    Collieries are not my thing,

    but it sounds interesting anyway - Happy Birthday :)

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