1. Dave Bowden

    My updated GWR Blog page with some Southern thrown in.

    Have a look at my updated blog page with lots of new Diagram listings, and more to come shortly Dave
  2. SimonT

    7mm Ebbw Vale North Entry

    I have just looked and found that it is a year since I posted anything on my layout building. There has been progress on Holme Wotsit and I shall detail such progress on that layout thread. This thread is going to be about my replacement of my layout of a life time, Aberbeeg. It was ambitious...
  3. Compton castle

    7mm Cardiff Canton

    I thought I’d start a separate thread for Canton as my work bench thread contains my other projects plus here I can pop in exhibition dates we will be appearing at. The layout has a scenic section 6’ x 3’ and is an island type layout in that it’s viewable from 3 sides.
  4. simond

    SimonD’s workbench

    As my packing van as perhaps taking up more than it’s fair share of the 2021 Workbench thread, I’ve brought it over here. The van will be part of a breakdown train for my “one day” Porth Dinllaen layout, the premise of which is that Brunel did build his proposed line to, and Irish mail port...
  5. wenlock

    7mm Sherton Abbas

    Evening all, I thought by way of an introduction I'd post some pictures taken during the construction of my layout Sherton Abbas. I've had a blog on "another railway modelling forum" for some time now, but been persuaded to post my ramblings on Western Thunder. Its rather photo heavy, but...
  6. SimonT

    7mm The Rise and Fall of Holme Lacy?

    For some time I have been contemplating my next move layout wise. Aberbeeg is no more as there was no space for it after the move. I have been working on a replacement to fit in the 9m x 3m shed that I have built. The constant rain from November to March prevented me getting the insulation...
  7. NewportRod

    GWR Wagon Chassis seen on S7 stand at Reading

    I saw a GWR wagon chassis (or components thereof) on the S7 stand at Reading last week. It looked interesting and I made a mental note to return to enquire about it, but didn't get an opportunity. Would anyone like to fill me in in on what I missed please?
  8. Peter Cross

    7mm Pete’s GWR workbench. Dean's goods. RR R1 class 0-6-2T

    As I have a few West Western locos coming up thought I'd make an appropriate area for them. After being away from the bench for nearly 4 months. I seem to have some mojo back. But to to make sure it stays I started a straight forward kit. It's a Javelin Dean's goods. Not sure of number as yet...
  9. vonmarshall

    Who makes the best 7mm GWR coach kits now?

    I have decided to start to build some GWR coaches for my planned garden railway. I have about 10 year until my children grow up and I can take back over the part of the garden that is currently filled with a trampline and climbing frame and I have a plan for a lovely long S curve to sit and...
  10. LarryG

    7mm Building a GWR brick Waiting room

    I described modelling the station masters house and waiting room at Carrog station (Dee Valley) in workbench thread, but it got unwieldy and was slow opening up. So I decided to put this in the GWR Action section seeing as the brick waiting room was something of a house-style in parts of the...
  11. Paul Cambridge

    Greetings from North Devon

    Hi everybody, I've been modelling in 7mm scale (32mm gauge) since 1988, having grown frustrated with OO gauge and ready-to-run modelling. Changing scale and learning all the new skills necessary to kit and scratchbuild was a big challenge. My long term project is 'Kelly Bray', a BR(S) branch...
  12. Heather Kay

    7mm On Heather's Workbench - a baby Small Prairie

    This build will prove interesting, on a couple of counts. First, it's my first ScaleSeven loco commission. Second, it's a "Small Prairie", but not quite as we know it. Back in the early 1900s, George Jackson Churchward, chief mechanical engineer of the Great Western Railway, was looking to...
  13. Aussie_CrocHunter

    4mm GWR coach kits

    Should the Ratio 4-wheel GWR coaches be gloos or matt? I'm not exactly sure. I tend to think things look better matt or satin, but should the brown or cream (or both) technically be gloss? I don't know. Any help would be appreciated!!
  14. Dave Bowden

    1/32 GWR Cattle Wagon

    How many people would be interested in the above, this would be from Walsall Eng, they currently produce a 10mm version but if there is enough interest they would consider converting the artwork to 1/32. When I asked how much the artwork would cost to convert the answer was £80. Dave Bowden
  15. Aussie_CrocHunter

    Hello from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia!

    Hello out there! My name is Simon and I am a 22 year old who has loved steam locomotives forever! I have - until recently - mainly built WW2 fighter planes from kits and have become proficient in detailing and weathering. I've always stayed well away from electric model trains because of the...
  16. Mr Grumpy

    GWR AA3 toad info needed please

    My next project. will probably be a Southwark Bridge Models AA3 toad. Please can anyone help with a diagram or good photos of one of these brake vans? As usual, my trawl through the net has brought up very little, and reading the instructions this vehicle looks a bit of a mine field! I will be...
  17. Brian Daniels

    Website Steam loco details

    I have just uploaded detail pictures of steam locos on my Flickr site, only GW I am afraid. 94xx 94xx Details 61xx 61xx Details 53xx 53xx Details 2251 2251 Details 14xx 14xx Details
  18. Heather Kay

    7mm On Heather's Workbench - the only one left

    Regular readers will know I have a client in Australia, for whom I build broad gauge coaches. Well, another Australian client was sent my way, only this time he wanted something, still GWR, but a little more modern and to standard gauge. This build is a replica of Collett "2251" Class 0-6-0 No...
  19. Isambarduk

    7mm Reworking a San Cheng / Tower GWR 1361 0-6-0ST

    I have been reworking a 'Tower Brass' GWR 1361 class 0-6-0ST that I bought as a non-runner from Randolph Chang when he closed down his factory. The Tower Brass model of GWR class 1361 as received Actually, like so many of the models from this stable, particularly the earlier ones, the upper...
  20. Heather Kay

    BR ex-GWR 4200 Class 2-8-0T

    Built as a "finish it for me" commission, this JLTRT (Mitchell Designs) model had most of the superstructure assembled and a rolling chassis. My task was to fit pickups, motor and complete the build. Number plates and shed plate were provided, sourced from Guilplates. Crew figures were from...