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  1. Steph Dale

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    That's definitely the truth - I suspect the new tyre looks larger because it's newer!

  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    I suspect it's perspective as the new tyre is closer to the camera. The centre driver appears larger than the drivers on the left!
  3. eastsidepilot

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    All wheels that are coupled together have to be exactly the same dia. other wise they would travel a different distance in relation to each other.
    If they are different dia's and coupled some wheels would be slipping.
  4. Dog Star

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    True. In the early 1970s Old Oak sent a Hymek to Stratford for wheel turning. The return journey was detrimental to the health of the Hymek's gearboxes... maybe Stratford did not appreciate that the drive to the bogies was connected through a single point.
  5. Martin Shaw

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    Some information has come to light, regular readers will remember Peter's (PAD) build on the MOK kit and the discussion he and I had involving injector steam valve handles. I picked up a copy of Part 5 of the RCTS series on the standards which also includes corrections and addendum to the previous volumes. In the section on the 4MTT class "Locomotives to 80058 had wooden handles on the injector steam valves, later engines having four spoked brass wheels". Interestingly of the preserved members of the class the only one of the first 59 is 80002 at KWVR, with the wooden handles that caused much discussion. I haven't been able to find a similar reference to other std classes so I don't know whether this is unique to this class or indeed why it was changed, but my speculation is that the handle didn't last well when struck by the coal hammer because it was jammed.
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    I took a few more pictures yesterday of 80135 for Dog Star. He was asking about lubrication so that is what I have focused on, I am not knowledgeable enough to guarantee 100% what is original and what is a preservation mod, but I can make a fair guess. Anyone is free to use these pictures as you wish.


    Reverser grease point.


    Handbrake grease and oil point.


    Grease point for the Brake way shaft - drivers side.

    Seems the boilers out, I thought this view of the frame might be of interest.

  7. lnerjp

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    Part 2


    Axlebox lubrication.


    I'm standing above the cylinder block here looking down onto it with the cladding removed. Some of the Cylinder lubrication visible.


    Axlebox pipework again.


    Oil pot at front, can't remember where this feeds, but it's got to be for the pony truck.

  8. lnerjp

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    The drive mechanism for the Cylinder Lubrication all grease lubricated.


    Oil pot and Grease points for rear bogie.

  9. lnerjp

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    Finally some pictures of the bunker and air tank vents. IMG_20210305_100554471.jpg IMG_20210305_101402323.jpg IMG_20210305_101446125.jpg IMG_20210305_101418507.jpg IMG_20210305_101424827.jpg JP
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    Very much, thank you.
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    A couple more pictures as requested by Dog Star. This time looking at the brake gear on 80135.

    IMG_20210314_133508681 (1).jpg
    Steam Brake Cylinder in the on condition I believe.

    IMG_20210314_133500577 (1).jpg

    Handbrake connection onto the way shaft, handbrake will pull the way shaft towards the right.

    IMG_20210314_133519030 (1).jpg

    Other end of the handbrake linkage.

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