7mm Buckjumper's Workbench - Latest: GCR D8 open wagons

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Buckjumper, 5 July 2012.

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  2. Buckjumper

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    KerRect. :D

    D'you know, I've never had a 'wish I didn't have to part with this' thought about any commissions.
  3. Dog Star

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    Surely you could have postponed delivery of this Buck until 1st November 2014? After all, the National Archives show that the engine was allocated to Weeping Angels from 01/04/1891 until Dec 32nd 1899 and 3/4.

    A very nice piece of work, regards, Graham
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    Lovely work!
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    Funny that Ade, I've never thought like that either, but what does bother me is the way they are treated by the customer, a certain recent loco came back for servicing and the number of broken or missings parts:( realy p****d me off.

    Excellent job by the way mate:thumbs:

  6. Buckjumper

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    Cheers all.
  7. 28ten

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    Like the figures :) the engine is passable :p
  8. Buckjumper

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    Cheeky blighter! :))
  9. Dog Star

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    When you are the GUV'nor all things are passable, neigh - possible, with a laser cutting machine.
  10. 7mmMick

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    Lovely work indeed Adrian. The figures are very nice, who supplied them ?

    ATB Mick
  11. Buckjumper

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    I think they're Pete Armstrong's figures, Mick, but I don't know who the painter is.
  12. welshwizard

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    agree with that matey !!!!! And as allways beutifill work Ade.
  13. Ressaldar

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    Hi Adrian,

    just beautiful


  14. Buckjumper

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    Mostly scratchbuilt J65 no.(6)8211 representing its condition c1948-1951 while it still wore the old NE warime livery but had the BR smokebox plates, and was running as a 2-4-0T. Diagram 39 boiler from a J67 kit, castings from Gibson, Connoisseur, Griffin, CPL, and Ragstone. AGH wheels and an ABC gearbox.









  15. 7mmMick

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    Fantasi Adrian, why did she run as a 2-4-0 ? It looks quite strange with half the coupling rods missing. What process was used for body and frames, etching, pantograph mill or good old piercing saw and file ?

    ATB Mick
  16. Ressaldar

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    just brilliant!


  17. Tony West

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    Very nice young Adrian !!....I especially like the pool of water next to the tank filler, nicely observed!.
    Cheers Tony.
  18. eastsidepilot

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    Excellent Ade :thumbs: , don't often see the 65's modelled so much as the 68/9's.

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    Superb Adrian:thumbs:
  20. Buckjumper

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    Thanks for the comments.

    Mick: The GER took the front rods off tanks working lines with sharpish curves in the belief that it reduced flange wear, such as the Fenchurch Street to Blackwall line and Tiptree to Kelvedon. The LNER and later BR used surviving J65s on harbours and docks which were more suited to four-coupled locos. The GER didn't confine the practice to tanks though, and took the rods off a 2-4-0 T19 express (basically an LNER E4 with 7' drivers instead of 5' 8") and ran it as a 2-2-2 single. It was a success and the D27 2-2-2 class went into production.

    Many parts were cut using the old-fashioned piercing saw method, though I had some of the rectangular parts like buffer beams chopped out on a guillotine. Nice little locos, and I've got one in hand to be finished in GE blue for my own collection.