East End of London in colour - 1960-1980

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    The publishers website say 144pp. Which feels about right cos mine turned up today (teal spine) :D

    As mentioned not many railway orientated shots but plenty of atmosphere, a fantastic resource and inspiration for a variety of shop fronts and other roadside furniture. Although one thing I have noticed is how clean the cars were. Some times you look at a model and you think it looks great but the cars need a little weathering to tone them down as they stand out a bit, I have been guilty of making such comments in the past, but no more. The vast majority of cars in the photos are pristine and do stand out in the photos.
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    Thanks both! I can see the pp now on the publishers website too, how did I miss that.....
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    Mine arrived yesterday, I managed a quick scan of it last night and I'm very pleased with it.

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    Got mine through today.

    A little smaller than expected but still a lovely thing to have. I'm sure there will be plenty of Google Earth searching going on to compare then and now..

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    I got mine yesterday, the last page looks like Millwall Junction station to me, super short platforms and unusual rolling stock would make a great model. The Millwall Extension Railway had a couple of ex-GWR railmotors at one point along with Manning Wardle 2-4-0s. Completely surrounded by sidings on the OS map shown in Dave Marden's London Dock Railways book.

    On a personal note, a shot of Aldgate bus station in 1975 was where my Dad would turn his Green Line 721 until that service finished in 1977 and the shot of a rail blue GE slam door EMU is a nice reminder.

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    From the link posted earlier, 'The East End in Colour' by David Granick. 144pp, hardback with cloth spine, 162 x 202mm.
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    Apparently the first print run of 3000 has sold out, they are printing another run of 4000.
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    Mine arrived today. Yellow spine :) I orderd it direct from Hoxton Mini Press, and it came well wrapped in bespoke London wrapping (or maybe wapping?) paper, all encased in a stout cardboard.

    It's a lovely little book. Every page is a gem. I'm going to savour it in the Tiny Train Room tonight.


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    Mine arrived last week with a teal coloured binder and I was surprised that one of the pictures was my friends grandfathers business.

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    Oh dear. I thought this was meant to be history.

    Then I saw this photo and realised that I remember when the Triumph Herald was introduced.

    I'll get back in to my box now.

    However..... it's wonderful that this small book has done so well. It deserves to - it appeals at so many levels. Me, because I remember it (my paternal father came from the East End. Grandmother was a proper Cockernee. I remember the Pool of London full of ships so well.) and others because of the historical value. It's teetering on the brink of being required reading for historians of the C20th.

    And is Percy Dalton's still not in existence? Then again, I may just be showing my age.

    It's half past two dear, half past two.

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    Now in Haverhill
    Haverhill Enterprise
    John K
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    That is just wonderful, John. A company not taken over by one of the combines. I'll eat more PD's peanuts.

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    Actually the family were bought out as the move to Haverhill didn't work out. My friend was the last family member to be made redundant. I think it is owned by a European Multi National.

    I am thinking of making a little diorama of this scene.
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    Super little book. Would have been useful to have it 30 years ago when we started Copenhagen Fields.

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    We visited the exhibition yesterday. Obviously the photos are larger than in the book, so you get to see more detail. and there are a few more not in the book. Each photo has a sheet of paper where you can write comments, and quite a few people have, one person identified a car in a photo as belonging to his dad. Still on until May 5th.
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    Interesting timing. My copy arrived in the mail today. I was a bit slow ordering so had to wait for the second printing. It is a lovely little book and has photos of places I knew well a couple of decades later than the photographer. One thing that caught my eye is the last photo in the book - it is of Millwall Junction, not Canning Town. It would be good to see the exhibition.
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    Hi all

    Fans of this book might be interested to know there’s a follow up covering 1980-1990. Every bit as good as the first one

    The East End in Colour 1980-1990

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    Agreed throughly recommended, although previously posted here East end in Colour - 1980-1990

    I pre-ordered it and just got back from my holidays today and it dropped through the letterbox. It's a fantastic record of the area in that era - plenty of shots of the early DLR and that area. Some great memories as my brother bought his first flat in the docklands area in the late 1980s and I remember vividly the contrast between the new build developments and the industrial heritage being demolished.