East End of London in colour - 1960-1980

Discussion in 'Resources' started by adrian, 13 February 2018.

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    My good wife is a Londoner with ancestors from Poplar so I just ordered the book for her birthday. She is thrilled. For a while my son lived just off the Mile End Road and at about the same time, in the 1990s my wife and I spent weekends walking upstream the Thames Way. I was spending half my time in Houston, half in London, an interesting contrast, particularly as my client’s 120 sq ft office was in Mayfair!

    We really enjoyed the east side of London and strayed off the designated path, even contacting realtors about new developments along the river, north and south. But we decided it wasn’t the place for us then, perhaps a mistake. It’s good to see the memories being recorded and published. I rely on a lot of excellent Birmingham publications for my own heritage research and a few years ago attended a photographic exhibition in the original Curzon Street Station building, now to be incorporated in HS2. Given that it is now boarded up tells its own story - no one knew what to do with it! Hopefully it will survive (it is Grade I listed).
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    I found the original edition really useful for the more recent model building colours on Copenhagen Fields, especially derelict sites. Lovely little books.