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    Goodness, it's a while since this thread has been updated isn't it...?

    For the record (and to complete the story so far) the Bulleid Light Pacific, Princess Coronation, GWR Broad Gauge Rover and V2 have all made it into production alongside the Adams Radial tank, Adams T3 4-4-0 and Drummond M7. A new kit for the Drummond-boiler variants of the Adams Radial also crept out at the back end of last year. We now have in hand most of the rest of the range for reintroduction, there'll be more news as they become available.

    We're also continuing to look at new projects, most of which have been revealed here on WT. One thing that we'll be doing is producing lost wax cast inside motion sets for our kits and it's something that is currently being prepared where applicable for the new releases.

    To that end we've had produced a couple of one-piece crank axles:

    The process used provides a great deal of design flexibility so a variety of crank axles can be produced on-demand to allow for prototype variation, including allowing the correct phasing of eccentrics and crank web outline. The parts are produced to a universal geometry allowing them to be used in both Finescale and Scale Seven models, for use with our future cast inside valvegear or that from other manufacturers.

    Custom geometries and prototype arrangements can be developed to order, we're expecting something like a six week turnaround for any style as each is individually produced.

    Initial availability is for LSWR types as I have the information to hand for many locomotives, the examples shown above are for the Adams G6/O2 classes; the top is the 'as built' style (probably also suitable for some GER and NER locos), the lower the 'built up' style used for renewals. There are other LSWR types for the 4-4-0 locos which are also available in this first series.

    I'll have the samples shown here with me on Saturday at Doncaster show if you'd like to see them.

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    I've just finished my lathe work for the day - a pair of vacuum cylinders.

    Nothing special there you may say. And you'd be right, except that they are the last 2 patterns for the W1 mould. Now entering the production phase :)

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    Will the Battle of Merchant Country appear in rebuilt form sometime?

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    Hi Richard,

    As a novice lathe user, can I ask if they are one piece or whether you have turned and drilled the cylinder before soldering in the piston rod?

    I am looking forward to my W1:thumbs:
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    Never say never, Tim, but they'd be behind the LNER, LSWR and GWR stuff by a margin. And anyway, we'll probably start with the West Britain Navy first.

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    Hi Rob,

    As it happens, one of each! Probably easier with the separate piston, certainly less waste.

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    Thanks, that's what I was thinking - ever the Yorkshireman:))

    Did you mill the flats or was it careful filling?
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    Wales has a navy then?
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    Telford is looming, and in order to assist 7mm modellers everywhere with their purchasing decisions, a little update.....

    In matters LNER, we are expecting to have the Gresley A1 and A3

    and the iconic A4 available.


    We have reworked the patterns and had new moulds made, and there are a few new castings to enhance what were already first class kits. The instructions have also been completely reworked in line with our previous offerings.

    We are also pleased to report that the W1 is now in production with a new pattern produced for what will be a resin cast casing. However, we intend to do a final test build and the illustrated instructions need to be written, so the release is a little while away.

    Moving on to GW matters, the test build of the Hall has been completed. This showed that it was a very fine model, but that aspects of the motion could be made easier to build. Accordingly we have produced (and are testing) a revised cylinders and motion kit. This will be included in our kit, and made available for those who have original, unbuilt, Finney kits (or any other brand) and wish to upgrade.

    The test build of the 61xx is also underway and is looking very smart. We are at the stage of reworking the castings for the GW range, and would like to thank customers for their patience.

    We have also put a lot of development work in to the 94xx ‘starter kit’ where we are reconciling the twin aims of fidelity to the standards you have come to expect from Finney7 and ease of build. Again, some way away, but the finishing line is in sight.


    There's more information on the website

    Finally, a reminder that all the castings included in our kits are avaialble separately, contact me through the website.

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    Hi Richard

    Do Finney7 have any plans to produce a Hawksworth tender? The 8' 0" wide version would be an ideal companion for the re-released Hall. :thumbs:

    JLTRT did one (plus the 8' 6" County version), but like a lot of their stuff, it needed a little "input" from the builder and future availability (or not!), via MM1 could be an issue.


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    Hi Dan
    You're probably aware that Scorpio have a 4000g Hawksworth tender in their range. They were to be found behind even the earlier Halls after a works visit.
    Mine will be 5951 Clyffe Hall (which is in Market Lavington as you may know!)
    5951 at Gloucester Horton Rd 1963.jpg
  13. Dikitriki

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    Hi Dan,

    It's not on the agenda at the moment.

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    I'll need a 61xx and a un-modified hall........ at some point..!

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    I did not know that!

    I did not know that either!! Thanks Dave. :thumbs:


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    Looking forward to seeing both the Pannier and Prairie
    One of each is needed at Ranelagh Bridge!!
    Plus the odd sojourn to the sea side!
    Any chance a Princess will accompany the Duchess at some point?
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    As a side note this is a Scorpio tender, I did purchase a few replacement castings from Warren Shepherd to replace the white metal ones supplied.
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    I have a set of the Scorpio four-axle inside & outside frames (nothing else!) if anyone wants them, please pm me.


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    Maybe ;)
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    A Jubilee first please!