1. T

    6221 Queen Elizabeth

    So tonight saw the unboxing and start on the tender of this one, to give me a break from wagon and coach building. She'll be finished in LMS coronation blue and silver around the time she first entered service in 1937. I did start a build thread of the coaches on rm web but I've lost all the...
  2. John57sharp

    John’s workbench - a miscellany.

    Welcome to my workbench thread. I’ve been prompted into writing by a series of events which I hope you will enjoy, and by some actual progress on my foray into 2mm finescale which remains very slow but relatively steady. My “layout” is the Ness Garden Railway, a SM32 (16mm/ft) single line that...
  3. Benjamin Brady

    Hassell Rode (Alsager Railway Association Club Layout) Open Day 10th July

    Hi All, I have just been introduced to this forum though another member George T who has recently joined Alsager Railway Association. The layout has evolved quite a lot over it's time. Originally the main focus of the layout was the bridge which spent many years on the exhibition circuit. We...
  4. Al Tait

    Modern Image O Gauge (MIOG) 26th & 27th March 2022 @ Crewe Heritage Centre

    Although we announced the dates for this years show some time back we've been fairly quite given the current climate, however we are hopeful that we should be able to proceed with the show in March. This year we move to the Heritage Centre at Crewe over the weekend of 26th & 27th March. On top...
  5. Giles

    7mm The Sparrow

    Having prepared various locos and stock, and most of a ship in preparation, I should really come clean with the layout that is about to commence, proper..... 'THE SPARROW' (10' x 3' plus fiddle) The actual 'Sparrow' being the ship - a 120ft steam coaster more or less in its last days...
  6. Compton castle

    7mm Cardiff Canton

    I thought I’d start a separate thread for Canton as my work bench thread contains my other projects plus here I can pop in exhibition dates we will be appearing at. The layout has a scenic section 6’ x 3’ and is an island type layout in that it’s viewable from 3 sides.
  7. daifly

    7mm Beaufort Mill

    The background. My family moved to Swansea in 1963, missing the end of the Swansea & Mumbles Railway which closed in 1960, but the Swansea Harbour Trust lines around the docks and surrounding streets were still in use (just!). Track ran at two levels in places between the King’s and Prince of...
  8. richard carr

    7mm Fixing Split gears on a Heljan diesel

    Nearly all the early Heljan diesel models have been known to suffer from split gears. Those affected seem to be mainly the Hymek, and Class 47s, but the other week Scale 7 JB told me his class 26 was suffering this too, and last week we tried mine and yes it has got split gears as well...
  9. richard carr

    Dapol Class 122 conversion to S7 and adding DCC

    My Dapol Class 122 DMU arrived yesterday after spending several months stuck in a container in the Suez canal. Thankfully they all survived intact. It looks really good if you ask me, It comes screwed to a picec of perspex There is plenty of interior detail Once you have...
  10. Al Tait

    7mm 7mm in the Great Outdoors

    I thought long and hard about creating a new thread for my Garden layout but it doesn't really fit with the layout thread or my workbench so here it is. As this Covid thing has put pay to all last years jollies and we wont be going far this year either progress has been made on the house and...
  11. simond

    SimonD’s workbench

    As my packing van as perhaps taking up more than it’s fair share of the 2021 Workbench thread, I’ve brought it over here. The van will be part of a breakdown train for my “one day” Porth Dinllaen layout, the premise of which is that Brunel did build his proposed line to, and Irish mail port...
  12. M

    ALSRM Reading Show in May is off

    I was just informed that this show has now been cancelled for a second year due to Covid-19. Not a great shock but I did have my fingers crossed for this one. Looks like I will be going for an online launch of the G1 1/32 range now. Marc
  13. Stuart D

    Hello from Cumbria

    Having heard a good deal about Western Thunder, and all of it very positive, I thought it was time to 'sign up'. My interests have mostly been in 7mm scale (standard and narrow gauge) but for most of my life never had the space or settled long enough in one place to build a layout. For about...
  14. Bill Bedford

    Trade Mousa Models

    I've just put up a new website, and the idea of this one is that it will only contain models that I can produce in a reasonable time. There is a redirect from the original site, but it may give a 404 if you are expecting a particular page.
  15. G

    7mm Layout "Little Mill"

    Hello all, I have started a new 7mm layout in the Garage with a minimum radius of 6ft single track circle with a small yard off. Boards are complete, 9mm ply with soft wood supports. It will be DCC, out of reach points operated with Cobalt slow action motors and those within reach in the yard...
  16. G

    Another 7mm newcomer and the layout

    Hello all, I am starting a new 7mm LNER layout in the garage, baseboards built and track roughly laid out. Baseboards 9mm ply with a covering of floor underlay which will hopefully deaden the noise, Peco track wired for DCC, Cobalt point motors and levers. Wiring starts tomorrow here beyond the...
  17. M

    New South Wales Railways rolling stock.

    Following on from a discussion that can be found on the Crane Tank thread I have started this thread to stop the other topic being hijacked and going away from the original theme. Just before Christmas Last year I was contacted by a customer in NSW Australia enquiring about the possibility or...
  18. dibateg

    The Derby Line DMR K1

    It was time for a break from track making, and in the 'to do' queue is a DMR K1 that needs finishing for a friend. The chassis and the basic body have been completed , so the first task was a cleanup, and then on with the detailing. For a modern engine there are lots of outside pipes, it s nice...
  19. Al Tait

    MIOG LIVE 24/25 Oct 2020 - MIOG Trade Show 28 March 2021 - MIOG Exhibition 23/34 October 2021

    We're pleased to announce our Road-map for the next 18 months and its an exciting action packed one. MIOG LIVE Starting off with MIOG Live on the 24th/25th October 2020, we'll be hosting a 2 day online live event from Simon Georges Heaton Lodge Layout. You'll be able to watch all of this from...
  20. wenlock

    7mm Sherton Abbas

    Evening all, I thought by way of an introduction I'd post some pictures taken during the construction of my layout Sherton Abbas. I've had a blog on "another railway modelling forum" for some time now, but been persuaded to post my ramblings on Western Thunder. Its rather photo heavy, but...