Trade Heljan Class 50 in 7mm

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  1. PMP

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    First EP pics of Heljans Class 50 in 7mm.
    Price of £699.00 and five liveries from BR blue, NSE, and railfreight.

  2. TheSnapper

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    Anyone heard any news about the Little Loco Company Class 50?

  3. Temeraire

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    Release put back due to problems and delays to the Rustons which are ahead in the queue I believe. After the Rustons
    come the class 22s and then the 50s. Heljan getting theirs out first won't help their sales I suspect if indeed Heljan do get
    theirs out first!
  4. Steph Dale

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    I must admit, that does look good. I'm not convinced they've got the bogies quite right at the moment, but that may be down to lighting and camera angles.

    I'll watch with interest to see whether any more photos come to light...

  5. mickoo

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    Looks very nice, but appears to be a refurbished body shell so not original Hoover ventilation and classic sound. I thought they only came in large logo onward, I.E. no BE blue, not 100% sure though.
  6. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    They've carried variants of BR blue with yellow ends in preservation and I recall the first couple of refurbished locos were released to traffic in that condition.

  7. mickoo

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    Cheers, wasn't 100% sure when the refurbished units came on line with respect to liveries. It was all such a long time ago. The antenna on the headcode box would have to go though.

    Shouldn't be too hard to back date with the roof vents over the dynamic brake grid and I think the refurbs had an extra vent on the bodyside as well, or it was removed in the refurb.
  8. Jim smith-wright

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    As I mentioned on the Heljan page (where the same images appeared a few days ago) I’m far from convinced by the top of the nose and the shape of the windscreens.
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  9. Steph Dale

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    Which Heljan page? Where? It'd be interesting to catch up with what people think.

  10. BrushType4

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  11. Steph Dale

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    Aah, right. Well, that's that then... :rolleyes:

  12. mickoo

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    Good point about the windscreen, dimly recall they were angled a little along the upper and lower edges.
  13. SimonT

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    I'm glad it's not me thinking the cab looks not quite right. The join of the headcode box to the cab looks odd.
  14. daifly

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    The head code box looks like bodgery at the best of times!
    At the NRM
  15. Yorkshire Dave

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    ......also available in original 1970's colours

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  16. Yorkshire Dave

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    I'd agree. The curves on the prototype are much subtler around this area and bottom of the window/nose joint appears too flat. Again the prototype has a pronounced curve when viewed head on.
  17. Jim smith-wright

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    Is the same problem with the Hornby one. It makes you wonder if there are works drawings that are wrong somehow. Lima famously did an exact copy of the roof as per the works drawing but it wasn’t what EE built.
  18. Steph Dale

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    Standard problem with all works drawings - they're 'intent' rather than 'custom and practise'...

    It's not helped either that General Arrangement drawings for diesels rarely show the external details of a loco so they need building up from framing drawings and panel outlines. Even then it's tricky to replicate the effect of the 2lb lump hammer when the parts don't quite fit, or the bit that old Fred removed from the panel stamping to get it all to work together.

    I'm minded to draw comparison to the EMD F-units. All built to a common set of drawings and parts, yet it's possible to discern repeatable differences between those built at La Grange or at London.

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  19. Steph Dale

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    I'm still not sure that the front of the loco is that bad - the problem is that the camera angle isn't one we'd normally look at the prototype. With the camera lower we might see a view we recognise. With the Fifty Fund involved, one would assume they didn't lack prototype information.

  20. PMP

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    There’s a couple more images from the press release Heljan sent me here
    Heljan’s O Gauge Class 50

    I think (STC), that Heljan are one of the RTR companies that add all the detail components to first Engineering Prototype. You may find there’s some inconsistencies in the detail/variant as ‘all’ the bits have been test fitted for engineering checks.

    Anyone interested in the 4mm BR 07, there’s a few pics in the previous posting.
    Wordless Wednesday Heljan 07’s (2902 2911)
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