Trade Heljan Class 50 in 7mm

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    Hmm, well that confirms the bogies are somewhat lacking in relief:
    37403 Restoration at Bo'ness - RealRail is what they should look like - the main longitudinal frame member is thicker than the area around the horns. I know it's a common weakness of models of all scales and pricepoints, but it shouldn't be difficult to get it right. Thankfully it's a shape which is easy to resolve and the die needs a further machining run to sort the bottom spring/equalisation beam anyway. The cab fronts may well mean starting again if they're incorrect, which I can't see happening.

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    You're right, it's not bad and in the scheme of things depends on your enthusiasm for the prototype, there are far greater issues with other models yet they still (presumably) sell, well in some cases.

    If I were really bothered about the windscreens then I'd open out the openings and remove the beading, add a stainless steel 5 or 10 thou overlay and blend the outer edges and then add some Plasticard to the ledge at the base and build it up. But, before I did all that I'd weigh up if the effort and cost was worth it, and right now seeing the above, I'd probably settle for it as it stands; same for the bogies.

    Having said that, I'd be hard pressed to accept it if they were issues with something I was really interested in, so I respect those that do find such matters concerning.
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    LLC have announced the 50 project is cancelled.
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    Shame, but understandable, hopefully they can recuperate their development costs.