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Yes, everything is fine, thank you very much Ian.

Apologies again for the rather late and sudden announcement.



Western Thunderer
I don't like to worry you Simon, but Larkrail is not only advertised in the Railway Modeller's Events guide, but it also features in Exhibition Focus, with detail of what's there and a photo of I believe the Talyllyn Abergynolwen layout.


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I don't like to worry you Simon, but Larkrail is not only advertised in the Railway Modeller's Events guide, but it also features in Exhibition Focus, with detail of what's there and a photo of I believe the Talyllyn Abergynolwen layout.

Hi Kevin

Yes I know, all most unfortunate. There will be another RM out before the 14th though so there will be a notice of cancellation published I am sure.

They are fully aware of the situation.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention though, I'm quite capable of missing things!



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Now several years later, Larkrail is set to take place once again.

Saturday the 23rd July at the same venue, New Oriel Hall in Larkhall, Bath.

I am now jointly organising it with Jerry Clifford and we are getting together at the end of next week to sort out exhibits etc.

All monies raised are as usual going to charity, Julian House and possibly one other too.

The hall is booked and the hire fee paid over, so it has to happen......

There is a thread running on RMweb, which is where Jerry is most likely to post, but I will keep this thread updated too.



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A further meeting has been held, details confirmed and a floor plan produced. As you can see, Jerry is taking this all very seriously, which can only bode well for the show:p


One of the many attractions will be both Steve Harrod and Andrew Vines with their latest builds of Fred Phipps large warship, "Active" and "Bulldog". At lunchtime today I was treated to a preview of these magnificent models...IMG_1151.jpgIMG_1157.jpg


Come and see them for yourself on the 23rd July at Larkrail 2022


Flying Squad
Worse if you close the windows, oh how we I laughed....

Upon reflection, all these years later, I can honestly say that the occasion to which you may or may not be referring was a truly God given moment of merriment from my point of view, in fact I'm not sure it has been surpassed even now.

So thank you very much for invoking such thoughts of merriment on this chilly night in the 21st Century.


I think its fair to say that you can blame the bloke on the roof.....


Western Thunderer
No Ford Cortinas were involved in this latest high level meeting of the steering committee. In fact, the delegates arrived by train in glorious sunshine.


By the way, thats a shocking picture of me. I shall hunt the archives to find a suitable repost!



Flying Squad
In conjunction with Jerry Clifford, Larkrail is again running this year, here is the full line up of the delights lined up for your delectation!

Larkrail 2022

Saturday 23 July
10.30 – 4.30
Entry: £7.00, Accompanied children free
New Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 6RA

All profits are being shared between two Charities; Julian House and a Parkinsons charity

Layouts, demonstrators and traders plus Kim’s Kitchen featuring cakes.....



Black Rock
1/32 G1 Dennis and Annette Lepper
Irish trams from the late 19th and early 20th century. The layout represents one of the small satellite depots built on cheap land on the edge of various Irish tramway systems such as that at Lucan on the outskirts of Dublin. Both the buildings and trams are drawn from various systems across Ireland so it will be perfectly possible to see a tram from Cork passing another from Dublin or Belfast. Dennis and Annette will be operating the layout in memory of their late father Chris, a prolific and highly skilled modeller and long-time supporter of Camrail.

Upwatch Works
7mm Richard Phipp
The Watchmouth railway is an imagined line set in deepest Dorset built to serve the growing town of Watchmouth and its neighbouring Napoleonic prison. Upwatch works strives to cope with the demands of keeping the locos and stock in some sort of order in the face of the Great Western’s intrusion into their territory – the latter’s broad-gauge line running right past the foot of the works. The layout, based on the classic inglenook design, allows for the shunting of handbuilt wood and card stock and sets out to demonstrate that O gauge does not necessarily require lots of space to be fun.

Peasevern Yard
7mm Rob Owst
Peasevern Yard is inspired by the Midland Railway Avon Street yard in Bristol, nestled in the shadow of Bristol Temple Meads station. In the late 1970’s the yard was used for the transport of Cement, Molasses and occasional Scrap trains with trains being handled by class 03’s and later class 08’s. The sidings were removed in the 1980’s and little trace of the railway remains today.

Bethesda Sidings
4mm 00 Tim Maddocks
The layout represents a small goods yard located on a might-have-been branch line between New Radnor and Rhyadar in Mid-Wales, close to the English border. A light railway runs down the valley and forms a junction (off scene) with the BR line. Following assumed rationalisation, light railway locos and trains are permitted to work into the BR goods yard. The layout was inspired by the small layouts of Rob Gunstone and was built partly to create a setting for the lovely scratchbuilt goods shed and weighbridge office, which are the work of Paul Iliff of Devon, who sold them when he changed scales a few years ago. The photographic backscene was put together in Photoshop by the skilled hands of Andy York, from my own photos taken near Knighton.

Moredon South
4mm 00 Adrian Full
Adrian’s might have been was largely built to justify the purchase of a Hornby Ruston 48DS shunter. In reality Moredon was a small halt with sidings serving a power station on the western edge of Swindon, which became one of the last active locations on the rump of the Midland & South Western Junction Railway. Ceasing generating power in 1973, the track to serve it remained in situ until 1978. But what-if there had been a dairy there, as well, or maybe instead of, the power station? And what if some of Swindon’s post-war housing had been constructed thereabouts rather than where it had actually been built? Could the halt have survived? True, the reversal at Rushey Platt would have been an operational inconvenience, although push-pull operation and later diesel unit operation would have eased things somewhat, so maybe, just maybe!

Shelfie 2
4mm 00 Paul Marshall Potter
The latest in PMPs series of shelf layouts, Shelfie 2 depicts a Northumbrian drift mine coal disposal point, off the Whittle Colliery line set in the ten years from 1969 to 1979.

4mm 00 Dave Spencer
Woodside, set in the late 50’s, early 60’s, captures beautifully the atmosphere associated with the branch lines that once served small mining communities in the Forest of Dean. Built on two levels, the upper level features a truncated branchline where steam powered auto trains and various railcars continue to provide a limited passenger service. Below are exchange sidings for the nearby colliery. Both NCB and BR locos can be seen manoeuvring rakes of steel and wooden bodied wagons into and away from the loading area.

Ovjusko Stari
Croatian O gauge Paul Stanford
The layout brings a slice of the Balkans to the UK and is believed to be the only 0 gauge layout of Croatian Railways. Inspiration has been holidays to Croatia and journeys on scenically stunning single-track lines through mountainous landscape, with staffed stations, semaphore signalling and 50 year old locomotives and freight operations no longer seen in the UK.

3mm scale Bob Brown
Foxbury is imagined to be a medium sized market town in the Cotswolds and the layout portrays the branch terminus as it might have appeared c1955. The frequency of trains though is something of an exaggeration as the prototype would probably have less than half a dozen trains a day at best! As so often happened in the country, the station is a fair walk from the town itself as you can see from the backscene. The stock is mostly kit built along with a few scratch-built items. The buildings are all scratch-built from either card or plastic sheet and are models of prototypes in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

Heybridge Wharf
3mm Mike Corp
The layout was built for the 50 something challenge to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 3mm Society 1965 -2015. The scenic part is 50 inches long by 50cm wide and is built to fine scale standards with a track gauge of 14.2mm.
Heybridge Wharf is purely fictitious and is situated somewhere in Suffolk at one of the last inland wharfs still operating. The railway was built under the Light Railways act as the Hey Light Railway to connect the town of Heybridge to the Great Eastern Main Line via Heybridge Wharf.

Pitt Hill
2mm Mick Simpson /Iain Rice
Pitt Hill is the result of a collaboration between Iain Rice and Mick Simpson in the scale of 2FS.
It is an attempt to reproduce in miniature the self-acting or gravity operated railways that were used to transport coal in County Durham in the 20th century, this model principally takes inspiration from the Bowes Railway system that existed just south of the Tyne in the Springwell area of Gateshead. It is not a model of any specific location but aims to be representative of the innovative way coal often found its way from colliery to staithes in this part of Northeast England.

Wisteria Collop
009 Dave Simpson
A simple but highly attractive narrow gauge scene set in Dave’s fictitious land of Somershire.


Dave Easto/ Steve Cook – Gauge 1 and above
Steve Harrod/Andrew Vines – Gauge 1 Hydraulics
Laurie Griffin/Simon deSouza – Highland railway in 4 and 7mm
Giles Favell – Model railways and Radio control
Pete Kirmond - an exclusive first public showing of Pete’s stunning ‘York under the roof’ in 2mm.
John Greenwood – John will be bringing a selection of his latest projects including his 2mm Diamond Jubilee layout entry.
Richard Simmonds – DCC


Titfield Thunderbolt bookshop


Flying Squad
Upwatch Works is Rich Phipp's characterful model of the "Swindon" of the Watchmouth Railway, a little known concern in deepest Dorset.

Rich has found several relics from this lost enterprise, which he is hoping to bring along on the 23rd.

1-Watchmouth Railway relics.jpg

Rich is also hoping to acquire a season ticket (damaged) that Gabriel Oak used after his marriage to Bathsheba Everdene/Troy, an incredibly rare survival of a type of ticket that few folk who used the railway were able to afford.

Treasures so far collected are a finger sign to Netherwatch station, a flyer for a new excursion saloon, two parcels waybills, a policeman's truncheon, a watercolour of the first railway policeman on the WR, a guard's flag, a wagon plate from Upwatch Works and finally a framed item from 'Punch' deploring the standards of service on the Watchmouth Railway.

Oh Gabriel, I wish you'd tuck your shirt in......



Not Jack B

Western Thunderer
After a few years unable to attend shows, this appears to be well worth the effort by the organisers and participants. Looking forward* to the show with a very high level of anticipation.


*If I can persuade my carer for a day out with trains.


Flying Squad
I have today confirmed that parking will be available in the off road car park under the "Bath Brewery" building of Fielden Clegg and Bradley, the large building just below Tollbridge Studios. Drivers should go down the hill past the building and then turn immediately left into the car park, which is large, secure and goes under the main building in a suitably funky and architect-ish way.

This is very kindly provided by courtesy of Rob Thorpe, one of the owners of the building. Thank you very much Rob.

Here is a picture looking towards the parking (I will have opened the door)


I have also today confirmed that we will have a free minibus operating between Tollbridge Studios and the show in Larkhall throughout the day. The two sites are about a mile apart, also a nice walk if you prefer.

This is arranged through the very good offices and kindness of Brian Wright from the Westinghouse Model Railway club in Chippenham, to whom we are very grateful. Brian is himself the driver.

I think the first "service" will start from Tollbridge Studios at about 10.30, then run "as required" through the day, with breaks for lunch and also for Brian to enjoy the show too.

So - all set!

The car park is pretty big, there will be lots of space, and I have some good offers on books in "da shoffice".

Thank you to everyone who is assisting and contributing, Jerry and I look forward to seeing lots of people!

Simon and Jerry

Mike Garwood

Western Thunderer
I'm amazed to see no comments on this exhibition...

Fantastic! What a great array of exhibitors and layouts. I'd like to thank Giles Favell for spending so much time with Rod (NewportRod) and I this morning. Completely explained his process of 3D printing. Mind - totally blown! Absolutely loved the fork lift, all of Giles' models are as good in the flesh as they are on this screen.
2 layouts really caught my eye...York and Bethesda Sidings. Utterly convincing. Having said that there wasn't a bad one there, really excellent choices.

It was also great to catch up with a bunch of old friends after far too many years. Thank you Simon and Jerry for delivering a superb exhibition. I'm already looking forward to next year...Rod's driving!

Stay safe




Flying Squad
Great to meet you Mike, and everyone else.

Jerry and I had a really great day, lots of visitors, lots of conversations and seeing and catching up with lots of friends.

I'm always humbled by the effort that all of the exhibitors that come to "my" shows put in to everything, and this year was no exception.

Just surfacing now, Cookie staying over and we are off to Jerry's place later to have a post show lunch type thing.

Thank you to everyone who came, as both visitors and exhibitors, especial thanks to Daifly Dave for superb assistance, delivered with aplomb as ever!

And it was really nice to see PMP and his layout who came a long way and also Richard Dickitriki and Linda Mrs Dickitriki as well, it has been too long....

A magic day

We will be staging another next year, I will book the hall this coming week and give the date afterwards.