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A thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday at Larkrail. Nice to meet up again with the usual bunch of friendly folk that help make it such a special point on the calendar. Actually managed to do some modelling too so that's not bad! Spent some dosh in a certain nearby book emporium and grabbed a copy of "A step back in time", a totally absorbing volume on the Camerton area, can't wait for the next part!
I took a few pics with my camera phone and below are thumbnails for: 1-3)Trerice, 4) Laramie, 5) a gauge 1 Warship and MK1 from Fred Phipps and 6) An incredible model of a Wellington Boot Tread Cutting works as per Peter Barnfield's illustrations (sorry, can't recall the maker's name).

Thank you to Simon, Lesley and the gang for another great show.

20160716_094130.jpg 20160716_094134.jpg 20160716_094143.jpg 20160716_094632.jpg 20160716_124956.jpg 20160716_162122.jpg

Steve Cook

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A bit late as usual, but a quick dump of some of the photos from Saturday. It was a first time out with a new (to me) camera so there are some rubbish photos, most of which I've not managed to post :) I think a different lens may be in order for future close up work, but whilst I remember who is who and in no particular order whatsoever:

Roger and his changing layout. A bit of 7/8ths in the morning and some 16mm in the afternoon.


Ian Rice and Trerice

Iain and Terrice.jpg

One of Gordon Gravett's wagons

Wagon by Gordon.jpg



The Gas Cupboard

The Gas Cupboard.jpg

Views from the balconies above the two main halls

Hall View 1.jpg

Hall View 2.jpg

Exquisite card building by Jonathon

Building by Jonathon.jpg

Laramie by Peter

Outside Laramie.jpg

Mark Fielder's 2mm Pizza

Marks 2mm Pizza.jpg

Phil Coppleston's clever Nn3 donut (an end to end line joined up on itself to give a longer run and plenty of operation)

Phils Donut.jpg

Alan's Carbon Recycling layout

Alans carbon recycling.jpg

Roger's Tralee and Dingle work in progress

Rogers Tralee and Dingle.jpg

Andy Cundick and this weeks Irish layout

Andy Cundick Irish Layout.jpg

One PMP chap and Bawdsley

PMP and Bawdsley.jpg

Steve Cook

Flying Squad
Jerry holding station


The brothers Brown suffering from a G1 intruder

The brothers Brown.jpg

Dennis with a selection of scratch built stock and some of those ladies again

Tony Barnes Colliery layout
Tont Barnes Colliery.jpg
Another section of John Greenwoods 2mm layout

John Greenwoods miniature masterpiece.jpg

Justin and his stand


Tim Tinknell's layout

Tim Tinknell.jpg

Thomas and his layout


Dave Easto and Fred Phipps discussing G1 scratch building

Dave Easto.jpg

Dick Dorton and his wonderful recreation of the Wellington Boot Tread Cutting Company, inspired by a Peter Barnfield drawing. Alas, Dick is not very well, but he came out to see the show and kindly donated the building to Simon for display in the shop window. This was the 20th anniversary of Camrail / Larkrail so Bob Brown came out for a quick photo as both he and Dick had been exhibitors at the very first show.

Dicks Wellington Boot Building.jpg

With the show completed, it was back to Simon and Leslie's for a BBQ and a spot of train running

Garden Party1.jpg

Garden Party 2.jpg

Freds D600 doing the rounds.jpg

On the Sunday Simon and I popped over to see Jerry and Kim, dropped off a steam engine for Jerry and had an impromptu run around with one of Peter Barnfields 16mm creations.

Peter Barnfield Tram at Jerrys.jpg

As usual, I managed to get some time on Simon's lathe and turned up some adaptors to fit between the scale wheel axle ends and the roller bearings in the PMV axleboxes, and then did a second set just so they are ready to go for the next wagon :)

Bearings for Simon.jpg



Flying Squad
Thank you very much Steve, great to see those images from a very enjoyable weekend!

I have just come in from the garden. You will be pleased to know that I have sorted out the trackwork and cant problems in front of the turnout.


Amongst the various issues we spotted, the inner rail joint second out from the switch was raised, which was exacerbating everything else - this is the light area in the above picture. A bit more work now required to get the PMV sitting completely square on the track which will also help:rolleyes:

And thanks again for your company over the weekend!


Steph Dale

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Looks to have been a wonderful shindig - I'm disappointed that, despite best efforts, I failed to make it this year...
Glad you all had fun! ;)



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Justin appears to have a wagon chalk board advertising his Rumney Models stand - nice one Justin! :thumbs:
Cobbled together from bits of wood found lying around. I thought it would be nice to have a sign that was a little different. :)

Larkrail was brilliant. What a wonderful show, filled with great modelling and a really nice venue as well. It was great to see Trerice again. Well done Simon and everyone esle who helped put it on for all your efforts!



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I'm sorry I couldn't make it - My other booking, a cricket fixture (we won, btw) took precedence. Thanks for sharing the pictures though; it appears a fine time was had. Now, next year I'll have to declare myself unavailable for selection...



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OK, looking at this year's calendar & Gauge 1 North is the same weekend as Guildex, Telford (that's killed the trade attendance for that one, then)..........:headbang: So, anyone out there in Thunderland know when/if Larkrail 2017 is occurring..... step forward Simon...... :thumbs: :rolleyes: