LNER models in 4mm

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  1. Mick Bennett

    Mick Bennett Active Member

    Ex NER Dia 5 ready for attaching to its floor/bogies.

    fullsizeoutput_35be.jpeg fullsizeoutput_35c2.jpeg

    LNER N8 awaits decals.
    fullsizeoutput_35c3.jpeg fullsizeoutput_35c4.jpeg fullsizeoutput_35c7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_35c8.jpeg

    Geo Norton LNER J25 running in.

    fullsizeoutput_35d0.jpeg fullsizeoutput_35d2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_35d3.jpeg
  2. Mick Bennett

    Mick Bennett Active Member

    Some recent builds and a conversion.

    Bachmann O4 converted using the GWR ROD version's Cab and Footplate.
    fullsizeoutput_36d7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36e0.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36e1.jpeg

    Some NER Coach builds

    fullsizeoutput_36dc.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36e2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36e2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36e3.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36e6.jpeg

    LNER Dia 45 all steel BG


    fullsizeoutput_36dd.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36e5.jpeg

  3. Mick Bennett

    Mick Bennett Active Member

    A very poorly built GEM D21 photos in Black are as it arrived via ebay a cheap buy.
    I have managed to source replacement parts for all those missing or very poorly made GEM castings.
    Loco is now being painted. It will then have to wait until I can get a High Level Gearbox before the Loco chassis can be built. Sitting in old Hornby drivers to check internal spacing for the chassis (a much chopped about Comet D49 etch).

    d21 1 .jpg

    fullsizeoutput_38e0.jpeg fullsizeoutput_38e1.jpeg fullsizeoutput_38e2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_38dd.jpeg d21 6 .jpg