7mm Loose Ends

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    A couple of people asked how to mask the panel, simple, two pieces of masking tape on a bit of mdf, draw up the shape in autocad and into the laser. I use the outline, but when im doing Blue/grey coaches I do it the opposite way ie masking the grey and spraying the blue although it does work the opposite way.

    the other thing i that so far i have used my cheap airbrush as it has a .5 nozzle but for this sort of thing I break out the good 'brush (top). it is essential to get a fine spray away from the mask otherwise paint creeps under the mask and if you are too enthusiastic there is the likelihood of getting a paint ridge. as soon as the paint is on remove the mask dont leave it for days!

    This method also works well for roundels, invasion stripes etc

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    That all looks absolutely terrific, in my current frame of mind it's also close to a compelling argument for 7mm over that big stuff that hardly anybody makes anything for:rolleyes:

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    Chin up Simon, I might get going on Sharpshooter in the New year :)
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    Chucked the body on the chassis, lot of little details to be added before weathering but it is starting to look the part. I think the light body colour shows how good a job jltrt did with the body

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    Your wish is done affendi...

    toddington 18-12-2012 a.jpg

    regards, graham
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    toddington 18-12-2012 e.jpg

    Note that the steel work sits on a bedding stone to avoid crushing the brickwork.

    regards, Graham
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    And finally...

    toddington 18-12-2012 plate.jpg

    What every good "station-spotter" notes in his log-book....

    regards, Graham
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    Excellent pictures Graham. :thumbs:


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    Thats pretty much the same as Lambourn :thumbs: I think two versions of the roof supports will be in order,
    • Quick and dirty laser cut profile in mdf i.e. all cutouts etc but flat
    • Sexy version with all the girders etc
    I have ordered some angle etc from Eileen which should arrive before christmas, but looking at those photos the gussets are very noticeable, so maybe something etched might be in order including the makers plate ;)
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    Cynric, you recall the dwgs. that I mentioned? I think that the girder construction details are in the bundle....
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    Yes, and I do have some for Lambourn as well ;) the photos confirm that the roof joists/rafters are 2 lots of L back to back rather than T section.
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    As far as I can see, the "external" sections of the roof trusses are "L-back-to-back-L" as is the lower edge of the steelwork at the bottom edge of the glazing (cannot be sure about the upper edge of this girder). The vertical member of the roof truss is also "L-back-to-back-L".

    The lower edge of the steelwork under the ridge is just "L" section (cannot see enough of the upper edge to draw any conclusion there).

    The diagonals in the trusses and in the longitudinal girders are a mix of "L" and flat sections.

    regards, Graham
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    A loose fit of the goods shed interior, the painting after the first coat is really rough but i quite like the effect as it is adding shadow. now to laser lots of packing cases and some tarpaulins
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    D1000 is looking superb. This is my first choice of a western.
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    Thank you. I have to say that out of all the Westerns i have done its my favourite, just as well as im keeping it :) From a model perspective the colour just seems to work where Maroon can be very hit and miss, of course it is spot on for a certain stabling point...I have a shot of D1ooo on the turntable somewhere and there are those shots of it in 64 with the yellow panel at Old Oak, which is what this one will represent.
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    D1000 Western Enterprise.jpg
    Something like this?
    This exactly how I would have mine done. Patchy paint job and all.
    Merry Christmas