Martin Finney



I think I can pretty much guarantee it won't be as I know one teeny tiny piece of info. So we 're all safe!


Good all we have to hope for is:
A swift sale.
A swift return to full stock levels.
Someone to take over who cares about the quality and not just £££**
No dramatic price increases.
No dramatic, (in fact NO at all...) drop in quality.

Not much really...hee hee.

** The above isn't meant to mean that MF was the opposite......we need someone like Martin who put such an amount of work into the range.

BTW: Looked at the thread over on RMW, but cannot find any mention of someone else looking?


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My fear is that either his range won't be sold on

Jeff -

I've already answered this in my post #147.

He is quite confident the range will be sold as there are around 3-4 parties interested - the price is in line with what I said earlier it might be.

So if I were you, I would not pay inflated prices for your V2.

The list of buyers apparently does not include the possibility of a black hole.




That's very good, and also very lucky..or it was sold by an honest person not just someone wanting to cash in.

David: wise words from you as always. You have this habit of stepping in and stopping me going off on one........Thanks.
Sadly, I tend to be a glass only a quarter full person......

Regards Jeff.

richard carr

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I understand it has run into the usual problem of the business owner valuing the business at considerably more than the prospective purchasers are prepared to pay.
This will no doubt sort itself out over time but don't expect it to be quick, it won't be.



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Indeed.. I was hoping for a 51xx kit too... Should have bought one really..

I've not heard any news though..



His website is still there, but clicking on a link to buy anything now does nothing.

Looks like he's now gone...and no-one coming in to continue....just as I feared.:(

Tom Mallard

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You guys!! :rolleyes:

Have some faith and a bit of patience - they're excellent and desirable kits as you are proving, so I'm sure there's no reason to panic yet. Unless you had planned to start making something tomorrow?

Best wishes

Tom :)


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Remember also that Martin is a member of this forum.

I'm sure he will come to a decision in his own time. His website says he is retiring NEXT year, with Bristol his last show, so there was never a chance of anything happening earlier.

As Tom and patience.



All sold out now from what folk have said on here, even hornguides are oos.

You'd think that the present complete lack of stock and the fact that loads of folk who wanted a kit now have one, would make the company LESS attractive to a buyer?

I hope not.......


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Any body know of any developments? I really want a Bullied Pacific, but didn't have the money at the time.

Hello Bob,

Martin pops on this web site a bit, but at the moment he's playing his cards close to his chest.


Rob Pulham

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I just picked this up over on RMWeb, it looks like Martin's 7mm range is still available should anyone feel the need:).

A quote from Martin's website


As from 31st March 2015 I have ceased trading and cannot accept any further orders.

I have sold my 4mm range and expect the new owner to make their announcement in due course.

My 7mm range remains unsold. I am open to all offers so please get in touch if you are interested.

Thank you to all my customers over the years. I hope you have enjoyed the experience of building my kits.

I have certainly enjoyed designing and producing them.

Martin Finney March 2015"