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  1. Does anyone know if there are any developments on the horizon for the 7mm range?
  2. Wagonman

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    I can't see Brassmasters wanting the 7mm stuff as well as the 4mm so I guess Martin's still waiting for a buyer. There must be someone out there with deep enough pockets...
  3. Compton castle

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    I thought the 4mm side had already sold.
    I hope the 7mm kits get a buyer, to much nice stuff to loose
  4. Dikitriki

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    Can I remind you all that Martin is a member of this forum, and that we should respect his right to make his own decisions in his own time.

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  5. adrian

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    A quick update from "The Nth Degree" on RMWeb Martin Finney retired - Page 13 - Smaller Suppliers

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  6. Anyone heard of any further developments on the future of the 7mm range?
  7. Compton castle

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    From what I've read I think it will be April before we here anything