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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by matto21, 5 January 2020.

  1. matto21

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    Hi all,

    I'm starting a new thread. Most of my modelling at the moment is random and posting on my layout thread doesn't always seem appropriate, especially when a project may not be suitable for either layout!

    I've got several projects on the go at the moment, and 2020 is the year when I want to try and finish some of them off (but probably not!).

    Some ongoing projects are:

    1. Ex-Triang crane being detailed into something (hopefully) better.

    2. Part-built Parkside 13t medium wagon to act as a runner for the crane.

    3. Part-built Red Panda Lowfit.

    4. Fully-built but unpainted Red Panda Sand Tippler.

    5. Fully-built but unpainted Dapol Brake Van (plus 3 more unbuilt!)


    6. Fully-built but unpainted Ratio Clayhood, plus 2 more yet to be started.

    7. Fully-built but unpainted Cambrian Catfish.

    So, in the spirit of starting as I mean to go on I....started something new and random!

    I built several Parkside 16t minerals over 10 years ago, these had been in storage ever since and time hadn't been kind - the bodies and underframes had survived, but details like buffers, brake gear etc had not. A few months ago, I'd stripped them down and put them in a bowl of Fairy Powerspray to remove the paint work and then promptly forgotten about them.

    Last week saw me dust them off and have a better look. One was in better nick than the other, mainly as a result of being painted with acrylics. Browsing the Bartlett site, I came across these. Coincidentally, I also had some suitable-ish spare brakes left over from built kits and some replacement buffers. Without looking too closely (I'm not a rivet counter) I set about making a representation.

    Here's the wagon, nearest the camera in its previous guise:


    The end had received some damage, duly patched up with some plastic strip:


    Ballast holes were cut into the sides using a scalpel. I ended up part filling these with plastic strip to reduce their size.



    I know there are errors, but for the grand total of £0, I can accept them. Far more importantly, I've had fun with this project so far.

    Paintshop next!

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  2. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Indeed. So often we can forget that we do this for fun - well, some of us do at least!
  3. AdeMoore

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    Liking this Matt,
    Any pre decimalisation price tags on those Airfix kits as there was on mine!
    Definitely great fun building them, someone commented on FB where I posted pics of those pre 1971 ones that the moulds,dies whatever are so much sharper compared to later years when the same moulds were worn. I think that’s probably right.
    Brilliant stuff following with interest.
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  4. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Hi Ade,

    Only one has a price ticket:


    24p from John Taylor. Anyone know anything about him/them?

    The only reason I bought these from eBay was the improved quality of mould compared to the Dapol version. These are all way better. One is moulded in grey plastic, one in brown and one in red. I paid less than £5 for each!

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  5. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Me to! Got to love eBay
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  6. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Now it's ready for the paint shop!


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  7. Lyndhurstman

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    All this AND bassist for Duran Duran. John Taylor obviously has many strings to his bow (or bass)...

    Nice Work!


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  8. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    I've finally bent and fitted all the wire handrails. It's worth the effort but bl**dy hell it's boring to do!


    I'm basing this model on a single photo in British Rail Goods Wagons in Colour by Robert Henry. The van in question is in use as a mess van, hence pairing it with my half built crane. This van has (metal?) doors fitted to the verandah, although they appear to be a later addition. Only one is visible in the photo in the book. There are some pictures of this van on the Bartlett site too, but never showing more than one door (although one photo appears to show a door at the opposite end made from wood, but it's not too clear). I'm struggling to work out if they were mix and match or attached to one end only. Has anyone out there got any clue?

    Finally, some of my under construction BV's!


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  9. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Looks a lot easier than bending up a set for a US outline diesel.....;)

    3809 02.jpg
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  10. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Tell me about it :mad: 2mm - Adrian's 2mm workbench.

    Worth it in the end and it's modelling so should be fun. :thumbs:
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  11. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Hi all,

    One layout that made a lasting impression on me was Pengwynn Crossing. The article in RM in 1994 was a real turning point for me. There was also a photo in the article of a Shark brake van. I was 15 at the time and knew I had to have one! Eventually I worked out it was a Cambrian kit, so I saved up and bought one. At the time, it was my finest achievement and one of the first kits I'd made an effort with.

    I recently uncovered it and, for nostalgic reasons, thought I might repaint it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) time hadn't been kind and it literally came apart in my hands. So I decided to strip the paint from the component parts and rebuild it.


    Over time, the plastic has become brittle, so there's been some damage to parts, but hopefully nothing that's not repairable.

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  12. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    All those handrails to replace... ;)

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  13. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Urgh! Don't :headbang:
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  14. AJC

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    I mean, I find handrails relatively relaxing, but I've got a pair of LNER brakevans on the go and there are such a lot of them... *sighs*

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  15. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    I'll save a actually bending the handrails for another night however, the urge to work on this for nostalgic reasons overcame all other projects!

    Moulded handrails have been removed, holes drilled for replacements, various repairs made from plastic strip, the sides and ends rescribed and the moulded lamp irons thinned down.


    It's quite messy at the moment but that's to be expected given its age!

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  16. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Work is progressing nicely so far however one part that hasn't survived the test of time are the plough wheels.

    Does anyone know if these, or something suitable, is available as an etched (or other) part as my searches have turned up blank so far.

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  17. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    I think so, yes - there's something that looks about right on the Bill Bedford etch of handwheels. I've got a load of these spare which you're more than welcome to.

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  18. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Ah, now you mention it, I may have an etch of these stashed away somewhere that I'd forgotten about. I'll have a rummage, if not I'll drop you a PM.

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  19. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    I've been away for a few days in deepest mid-Wales with the family. No mobile network or WiFi (who knew such places still exist!) unless we went out and about.

    I took advantage of this in the evenings while the ladies were asleep and did some of the boring work - removing the rest of the moulded handrails and drilling holes. I also finished reassembling the cabin.


    Now back at home, this evening I took the plunge and removed the "lip" around the lower edge of the opening. Some careful sanding later and its gone!


    I'll do anything to avoid making handrails!

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  20. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Hi all,

    Still making slow progress...



    I had to rebuild the bufferbeams from plastic strip due to the brittleness of the originals. They're a bit too deep but, to be honest, I got fed up of messing them up when trying to drill holes for the new buffers!

    There's a photo in "British Rail Brakevans and Ballast Ploughs" by Eric Gent of a Shark that's been converted into a standard BV with the ploughs removed. I'm sorely tempted to base my model on this, despite it being a one off!

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