Trade SDMP/Finney7 - Driving a Geep?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Steph Dale, 24 February 2013.

  1. Jordan

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    The 2 Weaver Geeps I have drive through a tower on the rear truck, & shaft passing through the fuel tank to the front truck, so the cabs are clear for detailing, more or less, apart from the way the cab fits the main shell. The trade-off is of course the shaft visibility under the frames, which Steph's system avoids.
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  3. Big Train James

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    I just presumed there was a tower at both ends. But I've never owned a Weaver loco, and I guess I've never looked that closely at them :oops::rolleyes:.
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    Hi Steph , I've got to ask , what scale are we talking about . 2mm 3mm 4mm 7mm , i ask as i get my hopes up when i read about things to then find its in 4mm when i model in 7mm .
    Many thanks and good luck in your venture .
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