Martin Finney


I did ask about re-ordering, offered to pay upfront, but was told, "No, I'm determined, when they are gone, they are gone......"

Looks like no V2 for me then.:(


Seen it, bookmarked it....but if I buy that and the loco never materialises?

I've just got to hope someone buys the range. I wonder if PW would be interested?


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Also, Martin isn't selling just loco's

I enquired about buying just the loco as I could scratch the tender, but he said under the circumstances he wouldn't be prepared to sell them separately... Which is understandable...



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Hi all,

just seen an ad in the GOG Sales for a Finney A4 - untouched & complete @ £460 also a set of AGH wheels for it as a separate lot.

best of luck - but be quick



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£350 for the wheels is a good price.

£800 for the A4 is a bit of chrching.

If you could get it from Finney £586.

So it's not just Ebay then.


Just on the off chance, I contacted Steven Widdows at DJH to ask what the chances were of a V2 appearing from that stable now the Finney one is gone, them being very much concerned with LNER types.
The answer I got was "pretty good...keep an eye on our website".

So that MIGHT solve my V2 long as they do it as a kit and NOT from the Piercey range or it'll be £650.

I know it won't be a Finney one, but DJH stuff makes up into pretty convincing models.


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How do you know it won't be a Finney one Jeff? The range is up for sale after all.
Maybe, but DJH and sometimes JLTRT use cast boilers and fit them to kits they bring into the range. Initially they may still have the brass boilers but later runs would almost certainly have resin or white metal, that does seem to be the growing trend these days.