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  1. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Thanks very much for the comments:thumbs:

    To say I am pleased is an understatement, I knew about the article but really didn't think my stuff would make the front cover.

    Apart from my involvement I think it is a great issue. Lovely to read John Greenwood's article on nearly 50 years of modelling, Baron Von Harrap is always good value, plus Gordon and Laurie and what I thought was an especially good editorial from Jerry too. And a reference to the Internet and Arthur's hilarious Hitler P4 skit in the letters page - how about that?


    (Arthur is a poster on RMweb, don't know his real name)
  2. TheSnapper

    TheSnapper Western Thunderer

    Anyone noticed the announcement that Pat Legg is retiring and wants to sell CPL......or is that old news?

  3. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    It's been known for some time. Pat has said she's not going to rush into it, preferring to find someone properly suitable to take over "her baby", as she put it to me a while ago. No need to panic buy stocks just yet. ;)
  4. MartinWales

    MartinWales Western Thunderer

    Advert repeated in MRJ 236 and 237 which is fresh out
  5. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    I see that the Ivat 4s and Hayside are in the latest MRJ I think the engines look staggeringly good absolutely superb and of course Hayside which I never tire of seeing photos of :)
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  6. AJC

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    250 (ok, 251) issues to the - mostly - good and, having noted the incredibly tedious froth about the non arrival of it 'over there', I was pleased to pick up a copy from Ian Allan in Lower Marsh this morning and to have had a pleasant lunch break flitting between MRJ, Private Eye and a book on the Tower Armoury in the fourteenth century. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this issue (of MRJ) features Iain Rice as guest editor and principal contributor with a dose of 'doing' in the shape of Rice's P4 trainset, Cade's Green, techniques for producing some architectural details from Simon De Souza, and the reappearance of the star of a very early No. 1 Shop, Iain's 14xx from Airfix, Perseverance, and his own hands. There's more, obviously, but that's what caught my eye at first pass.

    Perhaps the 250th could have been more prominently marked, but with the still recent death of Bob Barlow (and other notable figures such as John Hayes) such a relatively low-key production is understandable. It does, however, serve as a reminder for what MRJ has done and will hopefully continue to do.

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  7. Neil

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    I picked up a copy from Smiths on Manchester Piccadilly Station yesterday. While I haven't read it all I enjoyed those bits that I have and thought that it had a pleasantly retro feel to it. I was tempted to suggest that it was the familiar style of Iain Rice transporting me back to the early issues of MRJ and beyond to Model Railways, but perhaps it's also to do with an absence of laser cutting, 3-D printing and complex, high precision, cad engineered add on parts. I got the idea that most stuff was made by hand and not by machine; it's maybe not where the cutting edge is at least in terms of engineering but it made me realise that there's something lovely about hand crafted items.
  8. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I'm just relaxing with 250 now, it feels nice and "comfortable" and I do like Iain's writing. Very good to see Alex Duckworth's article, some interesting prototype history linked to brilliant modelling, "Lakebank" is very nice, I saw this at Exeter and was impressed with it in the flesh too, some nice letters, model archaeology and "Cade's Green", Iain's ongoing layout at home. Plus a foreign lime works, another nice P4 layout "Kitehouses" and Simon De Souza going potty on the roof.

    Here's to many more issues and more from Mr Rice, both models and words.

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  9. TheSnapper

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  10. JimG

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    +1 from me as well. I always liked Iain's style of writing and was hoping that he might appear as a guest MRJ editor.

  11. Captain Kernow

    Captain Kernow Western Thunderer

    I'm surprised that Iain hasn't done the guest editorship a lot sooner, but am glad to see his writings in the current edition.