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Discussion in 'Resources' started by 28ten, 26 April 2010.

  1. Pugsley

    Pugsley Western Thunderer

    Thanks CME, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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  2. Dikitriki

    Dikitriki Flying Squad

    I have just received MRJ 227, and I have to say it looks a cracking issue. Surely something for everyone:

    Tucking Mill
    Pugsley's 37
    7mm turnout construction
    Sheeted Loads
    Nottingham Goods Depot in 4mm

    And just for me, an ad for a new magazine - LMS review magazine - for prototype and model inspirations.

    Something to look forward to later.

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  3. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Mine turned up, too. The sheeted loads article looks very interesting, as does the ad for the new profile for the LMS diesel-electrics. I think an order might be made for a copy.
  4. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Apologies, this isn't going to be very informative (234 is out, it's very good) but for those who haven't already seen it over on RMweb user "Arthur" (I don't know his real name) has created a minor work of genius around the main theme of the thread about the current issue, just take a look at this

  5. Neil

    Neil Western Thunderer

    Bloody brilliant, do you tube do Oscars?
  6. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    That is superb. Thank you for linking!
  7. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    It's beyond brilliant!

  8. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    Saw it the other day, just excellent, as is the older Ryan air rant from the same clip.
  9. iak63

    iak63 Western Thunderer

    This thread has been the source of considerable chuckles but that clip is genius.
  10. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    I believe the first version (at one time banned by Youtube?) was Hitler gets banned from Sony Playstation Online - which contained the immortal line, following his revelation that he was only left with Superf******gMario for entertainment, of: "I mean how much fun can you have with a Belgian plumber". I must admit this MRJ version runs a very close 2nd!
  11. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    Absolutely agree. I love people who can take the p155 out of the hobby!:)
  12. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    Don't you mean the P4?
  13. oldravendale

    oldravendale Western Thunderer

    Sorry, slip of the fat fingers.:p
  14. ZiderHead

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  15. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Having watched that clip, I'm more than set up for the day - I'll even finish off the decorating:eek: before going into the workshop:)) - well done that man:thumbs::thumbs:


  16. SimonT

    SimonT Western Thunderer

    Fantastic, I've just sent a copy of the link to a load of folk who don't visit here.

  17. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Postie just delivered this.


    From the "in this issue" blurb, you'd be forgiven for thinking the D6300 on the cover is 2mm scale. It's not. It's our very own Simon Castens', and there's an article about 1/32nd scale modelling inside. :thumbs:
  18. Captain Kernow

    Captain Kernow Western Thunderer

    Never seen it before in me life, Guv! :p
  19. Captain Kernow

    Captain Kernow Western Thunderer

    Seriously - well done Jerry for a super, classic edition.
  20. Buckjumper

    Buckjumper Flying Squad

    I picked up my copy from Peter Hunt's Den of Iniquity yesterday. Photos of diesels running in the snow on garden lines in Railway Modeller really fired my imagination in the late 70s and the cover brought it all back :thumbs:

    I've only had a chance for a quick skim through so far, but already it looks like it's going to be one of those memorable issues. Well done Jerry!
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