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    Model Rail No159

    Having now seen a copy of the article, it looks good but I tend to agree with Phill. The bodyside looks more muddy than dirty, the chap is obviously very talented judging by his Bedford and I suspect that the reason some of us are less than convinced  might be a lack of familiarity with the prototype on his part.
    Each locomotive and item of rolling stock has its own characteristics and it really does take hours of study to get the feel for them. I have looked at more pictures of Westerns than you can shake a stick at and whilst I would rate Martyn Welch as outstanding when it comes to steam outline yet his Western was a also bit of let down to me.
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    Model Rail No159

    If you like distressed wood try this link - my very favourite modelling site -


    David Parkins
  3. Model Rail No159

    Hi Cynric :wave:

    Yes I see what you are saying.

    I am not an expert on Cl26's and I would also think that it depends on what SP's brief/timescales/publishing deadlines were also :scratch:.

    I remember that Western and I felt the same way too. :scratch: :(


    CME :wave:
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    Model Rail No159

    With you there Cynric... Model Rail is among my "Glance Through" list at 'Smiffs', but I haven't actually bought a copy in years - I struggle to find the articles in it; it feels like an overcrowded Website to me, and once past the middle, it's just all adverts isn't it??
    I saw the Class 26; the base coat 'orange peel' stood out a mile and was so overscale it spoiled all else on top of it, however good it was. IMHO Brian Daniels does as good, if not better, a job...  :bowdown:

    Doesn't this issue 159 of MR come in a cellophane bag, like BRM..? I utterly refuse to buy a magazine wrapped up like that, anyway. [​IMG]
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    Model Rail No159

    Foprtunately there's a chap with a magazine stall at Machynlleth market most weeks. He seems to stock titles a month or two out of date. If I'm patient I can usually get a copy of Model Rail for a quid. I could do the same with MRJ which he also seems to stock, but I ain't as patient with that.
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    Model Rail No159

    Oi!!  dont start that one  :)) :))
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    Model Rail No159

    Ive had a look at the article and thought " very nice"  :thumbs:. I cant call anyones modelling abilities because mine are not that high up the scale :thumbs:

    Rob :wave:
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    Model Rail No159

    Oh, tell me about it ;D

    Didnt get back to this last night, but thanks for the input, all.  I must admit I noticed the orangepeel, though I'm hardly an airbrush expert so shouldnt say too much :D  I think Phill and  Cynric are on the money for me, the work is technically excellent but possibly not as well-observed as it could be.  I'm also not sure about the base kit, the windscreens look to me like the more rounded post-refurb ones rather than 'pukka' 26 ones.

    Enough of the crit though, there's certainly a welcome finesse about it and some nice touches, like the rust runs on the headcode discs and the black spottiness under the cab handrail; the ploughs are nice as well. His MK and its pallets are certainly  brilliant (and CME, I'm sure he is a nice bloke  ;))

    I suppose if anything, it's that the article doesnt really live up to the hype of 'trade secrets' on the cover.  OK, I'm obviously a bit long in the tooth to be expecting any great revelations, but I'm not sure that some of the techniques that were described couldnt have been put across in a  bit more accessible a manner.  Maybe I'm being harsh or expecting too much?

    Oh, and can I just say how nice it is to have an objective, non-judgmental debate about another modeller's work without accusations of nitpicking and rivet counting  :thumbs:
  9. Model Rail No159

    Hi Jordan,

    I agree Brian's work is of a consistantly high standard, I have the feeling that SP may have had to turn the model out like that yet may not have wanted too - perhaps we will never know - as it doesnt seem (in terms of orange peel effect) congruent with his other work :scratch: :eek:

    CME :wave:
  10. Pennine MC

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    Model Rail No159

    Possibly.  I dont think it's any secret that contributions to some of these mags are subject to time pressures that we'd think unreasonable
  11. Model Rail No159

    Hi :wave:

    Not to worry, it's not as if we are bessie mates or owt like that :)) :))

    I am big fan of everyone's work here and the likes of, Tim Shackleton, Martyn Welch, Brian Daniels et al. and each/all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes when weathering it is good to step back from the model (I have left such for months if I am unsure about the look of a model, yet when you go back and look at such in context it's okay, if it aint then have another go), those guys have to work to tight deadlines sometimes and that must be a real challenge -especially when the models are viewed in cruel close-up (I wouldnt want to have to - and thankfully dont). :D

    As you say it's good to debate such - I have learnt a lot from all here!

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    Model Rail No159

    Poll? I'd be interested in the result and it should draw a line under the matter.
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    Model Rail No159

    I dont doubt the modelling ability, his Bedford proves that  :))  and it certainly does look the part. Anyway I do think that it is fair to comment/critique that type of article.
    Building to deadlines certainly dreates its own problems, I am a great advocate of leaving models for a few days (sometimes years!!) and coming back with fresh eyes. Are you familiar with Marcus Nicholls (Tamiya mag) work ? He builds a lot of models to very tight deadlines and gets some good results 

    I think the best trade secret is practice, practice, practice and use your eyes  :))
    Some of the DVDs by Mig Jimenez are pretty good and in general 'monkey see, monkey do' techniques work well in that format. Interestingly he switched from pushing all acrylic weathering to arcylic and enamel techniques when he left MIG and went to AK interactive  :scratch:  :))
  14. Model Rail No159

    Hi Cynric :wave:

    I see your point, yes I love the Nicolls' work too :drool: :bowdown: :thumbs:

    I was just wondering if SP had the Cl26 and his editorial (MIS) work bearing down on him - as I say his work is usually better.

    I have tried all acrylic and I much prefer to try and mix and match (even though I always have to remind myself which way around to do it :)))

    A pallet of approx 4 colours and hundreds of shades/huges along with MIG powders endeavouring to keep my models with a tonal range with a level of uniformity.

    I loved the old Airfix enamels, Humbrol a close second, and I am now trying some of the odour free type thinners/cleaners as an aid to good health :D

    I am considering getting my first set of magnifying specs as the eyesight is becoming more challenging..It will probably frighten me to death as I then see all the mistakes :headbang: :))


    CME :wave:
  15. Pugsley

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    Model Rail No159

    Sorry for the late reply, I missed this somehow.

    I've got a few thoughts about it.  Firstly, I think the article falls down as it's trying to cram too much into the space available.  There are a lot of techniques included that could have done with coverage in greater depth, a two part feature would probably have been better.

    What I like about the model - the front is nicely done, with subtle streaking from the places you'd expect.  The fibreglass roof panel is very nicely done indeed and was one of those 'why didn't I think of that' moments.  I shall be using that technique on the next 33 across the workbench  :D  I also liked the grime pattern on the snowploughs.  The grime along the base of the body and up the sides looks close, as seen here: ... otostream/
    but it doesn't quite work for me, and I can't quite put my finger on why.

    The rest of the roof doesn't convince me, I don't think it's faded enough compared to the treatment on the sides, or dirty enough.  The underframe doesn't look oily enough, the dirt is a little too light.  Other than that (and the paint finish as already noted) it's a very nice model.

    I think it may come down to familiarity with the subject, as the Bedford and pallets in Cynric's link are the dogs bo**ocks!
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    Model Rail No159

    Like Pugsley, I have come a bit late into this and having seen the article on the cl26 I agree with some of the previous comments, especially regarding the roof.  I would have expected this to be covered with dirt as this is hardly, if ever, touched by the brushes at carriage cleaning plants. As stated previously
    The only thing missing is the insect collection on the front panel.  I've seen yellow warning panels covered with insects until they are almost black.

    However, weathering is personal and most of my techniques have been gleaned from the Model Railroader other modelling magazines and talking to fellow modellers and wargamers. I'm happy to use and experiment with all techniques and mediums; artists oils, artists acrylics, Vallejo acrylic and very occasionally enamels. Whatever the medium I aim to keep my weathering uniform.

    At the end of the day there's nothing to beat studying photographs of the prototype and observing nature.

  17. Model Rail No159

    I think, as has been pointed out, this is the key: some of the weathering looks like the loco has done some off-roading in wet, muddy ground. Railways generally don't do that, unless something has gone wrong.

    I also share your disappointment that it didn't take up more space: it could have easily had bigger pictures, a slightly better order and indeed, a few more pictures as well. Still, I don't often buy MR, but that issue was worth it for that article, as the techniques still hold, just needs a slightly different approach to paints and where to put them.
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    Model Rail No159

    Me..??  ::)  You've gone and started a Poll about it....  :eek: :)) :)) :))
  19. Model Rail No159

    I like the cranes fitted to the locos: I can see where the idea for "Diesel 10" Diesel10.jpg came from now...
  20. Phill Dyson

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    Model Rail No159

    The two of the points that really jumped out at me were the blue roof, although nicely done, I think a loco in this kind of condition would have a much dirtier  roof IMO. The other point that didn't look right for me was the rusty bogie sideframes.......the rust was really well done, but I would have thought only a loco which has been stored/withdrawn for a long time would develop such severe rust in that area :scratch:

    I did really like the fibreglass roof panel & snowploughs as Pugsley has already pointed out, but not the base coat of BR blue as Simon has pointed out  :scratch:....... the best BR blue I have ever seen was Richard Dokerhill's (I hope I've got his name right) converted Lima class 33 which used JLTRT cellulose & appeared in the Rail Express modeling supplement a while ago  8) 8) 8)

    The Bedford lorry in Cynric's link is simply superb :bowdown: :bowdown:  :bowdown:

    Phill  :wave: