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    Right then....

    Not been round here that much of late. I’ve been very lucky with work over the last 4-6 weeks, and has taken up all my time and headspace. Not complaining in the slightest, I know of other snappers that haven’t had a job since March!

    Now things a getting a little quieter it does allow me to start the new project. I was desperately hoping to finish the J15 for Christmas but Tier3 (let alone Tier4) put an end to that, and also where we are is exceptionally high on the covid case rate and so although we are being very careful here, it would be unfair of me to impose on someone’s spray booth until things calm down a bit (lot)!

    This does mean that I can make a start on the much previously mentioned first commission project.

    Here’s the prototype...

    Photo courtesy of Wikipedia page. Used for non-profit and will be removed immediately if requested.


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  3. mickoo

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    Well, it is Australian and their trains do run upside down.....relatively speaking :))
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    It was an intended, though ultimately rubbish attempt at humour. ;)

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    What’s in the box?


    Obviously all the etches of I believe MOK heritage(?), but also a ton of incredible castings, Scale Hardware bits, ABC motor and gearbox and wheels. It’s the first decent kit that I’ve built (apart from the D16 kit ;)) and looking forward to cracking on with it.

    EC3FF330-F4E2-475D-9FF1-A2FFD0C032E3.jpeg 342ECCF0-0627-41F5-9CEE-79E920DF5E50.jpeg 41010908-0DA9-478D-B155-4390EEDEB90D.jpeg CD37EA51-4A6C-4F7C-A412-DF1D5EE23CD5.jpeg F2CC583D-DCA5-47B0-9A33-54C400837965.jpeg 9BD0A064-B3C5-4164-8AA2-DAA319147C02.jpeg 49D6BC4F-D5DF-4113-91C6-06E92AB59F44.jpeg

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    Not at all, it ticked all my boxes :))

    Besides, as we Love Laners all know, on the underside is Johns Ozzie layout, so that engine will fit in just nicely :thumbs:

    I used to have a OO Hornby 08 with the new magic magnitraction! Basically they just magnetised the whole cast chassis, you could almost turn it upside down. Conversely the Lima 08/09 (can't recall which class it was 40+ years ago :eek:) that came out at around the same time was so light it could barely pull it's self let alone any useful load, mind the difference in detail between the two was just as marked, in Lima's favour.
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    I see you've already built the tender, first photo.....on the floor....;):p
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    It looks a bit like my MOK 9f kit, I've started some of the tenders so that should keep me busy for a while JB

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  10. Brian McKenzie

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    David Peterson produced a short run of 7mm scale kits for early NSWGR locos. He made many exquisite patterns for casting, but don't know if the casting work was done in Australia - other Aussie modellers struggled to find a quality supplier. Some etching was done locally off Corel artwork - but this might not apply to the '12 class' loco. David re-profiled Slater's wheels to S7 standards.

    From a 2015 visit:
    David Peterson_1280a.jpg

    David Peterson_1296a.jpg

    and from elsewhere (movement starts at 1:22):
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  11. Scale7JB

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    Thanks Brian, interesting info and good to see one running in the video.

    I believe the wheels came direct from Slaters here in the UK, to save on the carbon footprint and so are still in finescale and will need re-profiling for S7.

    So far, it’s going together very nicely. Tab and slot dimensions are spot on which makes a huge difference.

    This evenings progress.


  12. Scale7JB

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    Going together very nicely.

    On with the smokebox tomorrow.

    9BF6D203-491A-4247-AA1A-BE85AB117F2F.jpeg A95CF5AC-44D1-4C13-A5CE-B6FC2C08276D.jpeg C573D8CE-5E0B-43B6-A7FD-2DBB0FDBCF60.jpeg

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    When I visited David, I believe he said the castings were done by Slaters. David's pattern making is exquisite.

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  14. Lancastrian

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    I doubt the artwork is MOK due to the DPMS identification on the etches, which correlates with the labels on the bags of castings and David Petersons name on the instructions.

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  15. Scale7JB

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    Not too sure what the back story is, but there is definite MOK involvement.


  16. eastsidepilot

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    Even without the copyright mark just looking at the design of the chassis/compensation etc. is enough to see it's of Dave Sharps work.

  17. mickoo

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    Agreed, MoK etches, same numbering font, same text font, same Revision format and generally from afar, same layout and build style.

    David Petersons may well have done some of the original artwork or made instruction to MoK to do the artwork.
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    Been playing with the fit of these parts for a few hours. Not too much wrong with the fit, but just want to make sure it’s correct before a slap a load of solder all over it.

    CBD8C390-7DCB-48B6-B6DB-84732A9D5B21.jpeg F022141A-DAA2-4D26-B4EE-9936B5017604.jpeg

  19. richard carr

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    To lock everything into place just give the tabs (or some of them) a gentle twist, you can always untwist them if the fit isn't good enough and you need to adjust it, but that's very rare on MOK etches.

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  20. adrian

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    Twisting the tabs also helps to tighten up the joints - it does tend to pull the 2 pieces together quite nicely.