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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Simon, 24 September 2010.

  1. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Today is the day of the Larkhall Festival, and with assistance from my talented figure painting friend Dennis I am making a concerted effort to bag the window dressing competion, the theme is "Space"...

    Chatting outside the shop, I'd just cleaned the windows - first time since opening:oops:


    Overall view of the display, the flight techical director Ivor Trapp attempts to exit the upper storey of the rocket propulsion plant, apparently the wally forgot the security code for the lift...


    The photographer records Lady Octavia Hesketh-Barking before the launch.


    The rocket is a magnificent adaption of a funky bubble bath bottle that Dennis's sister bought him:p


    High above the preparations is the mission's objective...


    Meanwhile outside, First service 7 departs for town. In the background the closed public toilets are being converted into a cafe:confused: whilst outside the pub the Greens are campaigning on the left whilst Dorothy house have a charity stall on the right, the Liberals are out of the picture at left outside the butchers.


    It's all go around here:thumbs:

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  2. Tim V

    Tim V Western Thunderer

    Not at Thornbury Simon?

    Don't blame you, looks more exciting where you are!
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  3. Stumpytrain

    Stumpytrain Active Member

    Ahhh, I wondered what they were up to with the public toilets. It's terrible that councils can get away with closing them, so many have fallen by the wayside over the years. Oh well, at least it's good to hear that the Greens have a presence in Larkhall and that the Liberals are "out of the picture". ;)
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  4. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Well, there I was in the midst of (yet another) shop re-arrangement, sorting out my cable runs and table heights, when who should walk into the shop but family Cherry, en route from Cornwall to points north via Bath and Shepshed,

    A huge pleasure to meet Adrian and his family for the first time, and I'm afraid I suckered Adrian into posing alongside the repositioned counter before resuming his journey northwards.


    Thank you very much for dropping in to see me Adrian, I hope you had a good onward journey and very much look forwards to meeting up with you again in the future!

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  5. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    By way of comparison here is the same location yesterday in the midst of the rearrangements. I now have more back office space but hopefully not at the expense of the shop "ambience"….


    Here's a more general view of the new set up, again from yesterday.


    I'll get it right one of these days…

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  6. Martin Field

    Martin Field Western Thunderer

    I'm so glad you live in bow'n'arrer country, Simon, or I could bust the bank in that place. I love Wild Swannery, but not the prices, alas, although I understand why they're on the high side, having once been in graphics and tech. pubs., old style.
    Good luck with the project.
  7. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Damn, I was just down the road in Brislington last Thursday..