Car Paint Matches

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    Yep, sounds like a plan.
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    Enamels will attack Halfords paints.

    If you let the Halfords paint cure properly and build up after with light mists of Railmatch to give a covering film, then its usually OK, but take your time.
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    Hi all

    I can report ford signal yellow is nothing like however fiat golden yellow is ok for a faded warning panel yellow


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    Do you have an example of the faded yellow ?

    I think it might be time for a new WT approved list ;) If anybody would like to compile something I will make it sticky
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    I will take one for you


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    Hi all

    Further I am happy with the following

    Vauxhall mustard yellow - warning panel yellow
    Peugot antelope beige - intercity beige
    Ford carnival red - rail freight red
    Lada Adriatic blue - network south east original blue
    Volvo dark grey - intercity dark grey


    Rustolem dark grey - rail freight grey


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    Ill try and round these up into a new sticky
    If anybody has any other proven WT matches ( pictures would be good :) ) then please post them here and i will split the thread
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    May I take the opportunity to correct must be a blue moon... :))

    Volkswagon Marine Blue is the name on the can and it's a perfect match for Precision GE blue.
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    But is precision GE blue actually GE blue? ;)
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    Do you want the short or the long answer? :D
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    Yes and... errr... no :confused: .

    Oh, go on then - before someone else joins in! :)
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    I'll take that as a yes to the short and no to the long answer ;)

    The final effect of the translucent blue over French grey finished with copal varnish is close to Pantone 282. Precision blue, if applied over a white or just off-white primer, is a pretty good representation of that match.
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    The posts below are now merged with the existing 'Car Paint Matches' thread.

    Cheers Phill

    The 7mm Yahoo Group has much information about matching the Halford's car colours to the liveries of British railways... with very little about the liveries of diesel and electric engines. A similar comparison for car paints for diesel and electrics seems to be something that might benefit WT members.

    Any offers? If possible, to include the paint colours used for the inside of the cab and engine room.

    regards, Graham
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    Hasn't this been done before? I seem to recall it being mentioned on WT some time back; possibly just in reference to either the Yahoo group mentioned or possibly Over There.
    I'm also pretty sure Jim S-W commented about it on here too, but saying that some of the recommended rattle can colours weren't quite so close as they were made out to be.
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    Jordan, you are correct in that the 7mm Yahoo Group has repeated references to a list of suitable car colours for pre-nationalisation liveries and some of the early diesel liveries... and much of that information is derived from the Bradford Model Railway Club website. What I have not found to date are suggestions for car colours which can be used as paints for the interiors of diesel cabs and for the control desks (noting that I am no less wiser as to the colours which were used by BR in the 1960s).

    regards, Graham
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    Having tried two or three so called car paint matches (bauxite, rail blue & rail grey from memory) without any success, although I did use car paint for BR maroon.....

    Maroon MK1.JPG

    I use Railmatch rattle cans for all my loco's & stock, the advantage for me is the perfect colour match every time........the only downside to these cans is the dreaded clogging nozzles. I always save the working nozzles from empty cans as spares though clean the nozzles in white spirit after use which helps.

    I usually brush paint my diesel cab interiors & use Railmatch Rail Grey (enamel)

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    Feel free to keep posting on this subject as I have now merged the two threads :):thumbs:
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    I can remember searching my local Halfords for suitable paint from the published list, the colours I wanted didn't exist, presumably the list was some years old and the paint colours obsolete. So many of the similar shades now are metallic.