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    Anyone any idea what rattle can would do for BR diesel roof grey, specifically a class 20 in green. Wilko's grey primer is much lighter than Halfords and a little warmer, but my can self destructed today.

    I'm not fussed about accuracy as I don't believe in it, so I am looking for a light warmish grey.

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    I'm voting for Halfords Ford Dove Grey for a Class 20 roof, has the lightness and warmth I was looking for.

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    I was asked the question ‘what is the RAL number for Rail Blue' and came across this list of RAL numbers

    Paint Colour Codes - Cherry Clan

    which I hope will be of use to some members.


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    Thanks for posting - I should have remembered those :oops: Although on the website I mention a couple of the suppliers following a recommendation from @Ian_C I have started using Zero Paints, limited testing so far but very happy with the results. The advantage being pre-mixed for the airbrush.

    They will supply 60ml jars to the various RAL colours. - the full colour list is available here
    RAL Paints (European Standard Colour Range) 60ml | ZP-1033 | Zero Paints

    note you need to hover over the colour list table to scroll it to the higher RAL numbers.
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