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  1. Ressaldar

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    Hi all,

    Could I please ask what does the team think might be the nearest match in 'Car spray aerosols' for late DMU green?


  2. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    or possibly, what the BS number of the green is, so that I could make enquiries at a local 'celly' paint supplier?


  3. 40126

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    Hi All :thumbs:

    Anybody know the match for the RTC orange ?. :oops:

    Steve :cool:
  4. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    I have trawled t't net and come up with:

    BS381C-227 dark Brunswick Green
    BS381C-114 Rail Blue (stated name)
    BS2660-9-095 Minerva Grey (Pearl grey as in Blue/Grey) number from Parkin Mark 1 book
    BS2660-9-085 Castle Grey (Roof Grey) number from Parkin Mark 1 book

    I have had one of each in 400ml cans of cellulose @ £13.14 each from a local car paint outlet. They would also mix up a total minimum 1 litre supplied in X (different colours) number of 250ml cans for airbrushing at a slightly lower cost, but I thought I would see how the aerosols worked first.

    Just got to strip the 121 yet again:headbang::headbang::headbang: - so hopefully next week should see a posting on the W55034 thread:thumbs:


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  5. warren haywood

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    Hi Mike,
    What are you using BS 227 on, it's very dark and blueish. If it's for Loco green I would recommend BS 224
    I've just bought a litre of 114 from the Internet, all the mixers I use have been unable to do it as its been removed from the BS list.
  6. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

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  7. warren haywood

    warren haywood Western Thunderer

    That's BS 224 to my eye
    That's what I've just painted this shunter in, (sorry for poor piccy:()
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  8. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Warren,

    many thanks for that:thumbs:.

    To make another order worthwhile, could you please let me know what the BS numbers for Warning Panel Yellow and LMS Crimson (Ford Damask Red?) might be.


  9. warren haywood

    warren haywood Western Thunderer


    Warning panel yellow either BS 356 or RAL 1003

    The best colour for LMS red is RAL 3005 but I'm not quite sure about it. If your paint shop uses the Heikki (I think that's what the brand name is) colour truck range then try some D0795, all my Crimson lake locos are in it but no point putting a picture up because it looks different in every photo:confused:. If you search Gordon's of Dewsbury and phone them, they will do you a celly spray can.
    Personally never liked Damask, looks too pale. As if it's got a lot of light brown in it.

    Unfortunately the problem with spray cans is that you are stuck with what's in it, I buy my celly in 1 litre tins. I have about 20 or so colours and can mix colours together. That's how I came up with the blue for Nicks princess. I now have enough of this to last a lifetime :)

    Cheers Warren
  10. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    Hi Warren,

    thanks for the reply.

    I will be going over to the shop this afternoon to see what is what, but I think that I might have to stick with aerosols as my requirements are much less than yours and on that basis, I could end up with more than a lifetimes worth:)) even if my stock was in 250ml tins - etither that or I will end up touting for business:)):))


  11. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    Looks like you will be spraying 12" to the foot coaches :)
    I spoke to Phil, the MD of Spraywell Dudley, and yes, they can supply in litre tins or other quantities if read.
    Contact 01384 456069.

    He sent me this info which he gave his permission to copy:

    Hi Richard, my names Phil and I'm responding to your request to Gary for a list of available rail colours. As you may notice the list below directly refers to RM (Howes Railmatch) colours. It's also a simple cut and paste effort, so you'll be pleased to know there are also many more. Basically all RM colours to the best of my knowledge are available from ourselves at Spraywell Paints. Pigmentation of colour should be identical as I assure you ours is of the same source, the only difference being we are able to produce these colours in a wider range of finishes(Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin, Matt) and topcoat materials (Cellulose, Coach enamel, QAD enamel, Acrylic, PVC) and also primers (Etch primer, Multi surface primer, Synthetic primer, Primer finisher). Colours we are unable to find in our library can be matched with our Spectrophotometer, should a suitable flat sample with a minimum surface area of 30mm x 30mm be supplied.

    Reference Description
    RM200 B R Light Executive Grey
    RM2201 B R Dark Executive Grey (Acrylic)
    RM2202 B R Post 1985 Warning Panel Yellow (Acrylic)
    RM203 B R Rail White
    RM204 B R Rail Red
    RM2205 B R Rail Black (Acrylic)
    RM2206 B R Rail Grey (Acrylic)
    RM2207 B R Rail Blue (Acrylic)
    RM208 Provincial Light Blue
    RM209 Provincial Dark Blue
    RM210 Latest Warning Panel Yellow (Class 66 etc)
    RM214 Strathclyde PTE Red & Loadhaul Orange
    RM2226 Railfreight /Civil Engineers and Dutch Livery Grey (Acrylic)
    RM232 Warning Orange
    RM234 Engineers Olive
    RM235 B R Post 1964 Bauxite.
    RM238 N S E Red.
    RM239 N S E Grey
    RM240 B R Silver White.
    RM241 TPO and RES Red.
    RM243 N S E (Later) Dark Blue.
    RM244 Silver Grey.
    RM2245 Flint Grey (Upper Body Colour for 3 Tone Grey) (Acrylic)
    RM246 InterCity Falcon Grey (Swallow Livery)
    RM251 RES Grey (Upper Bodysides)
    RM255 E W S Maroon
    RM256 E W S Gold (Bodyside Band)
    RM258 D R S Blue
    RM259 D R S Smoke Grey
    RM260 Virgin Red.
    RM261 Virgin Grey
    RM262 G N E R Blue
    RM263 G N E R Red
    RM264 GW Trains Green
    RM265 GW Trains Buff
    RM266 Anglia Blue/Green
    RM268 GBRf Yellow
    RM269 GBRf Blue
    RM270 Freightliner Green
    RM271 Freightliner Yellow
    RM272 Network Yellow
    RM2273 Jarvis fastline Blue / Grey (Acrylic)
    RM2274 Jarvis fastline Signal Black (Acrylic)
    RM290 A R C Mustard Yellow
    RM294 Foster Yeoman Silver
    RM2300 B R Standard Loco Green (Acrylic)
    RM2301 Sherwood Green (Lighter Green on B R Green Diesels except Hymeks & Deltics) (Acrylic)
    RM302 Yellow/Green (Lighter Green on Hymeks & Deltics)
    RM303 Light Grey for Bodystripes on Green Diesels.
    RM304 Warning Panel Yellow (Pre 1985)
    RM305 Buffer Beam Red
    RM2306 B R Coaching Stock Maroon (Acrylic)
    RM307 Early Multiple Unit Green
    RM308 Later Multiple Unit Green
    RM309 Freight Stock Grey Post 1964
    RM2310 Roof Slate Grey (Blue/Grey Stock) (Acrylic)
    RM311 B R Crimson (Blood)
    RM312 B R Cream (Custard)
    RM313 B R Coach Roof Grey (Except Maroon Stock)
    RM314 B R Southern Stock Green
    RM315 B R Electric Blue for LMR 25kv Locos, also some EM1 & EM2's
    RM316 B R Nanking Blue for Midland & Western Pullman Units.
    RM317 English Electric DELTIC Prototype Blue.
    RM318 B R Golden Ochre (D5579 & D1015)
    RM2320 B R Diesel Roof Grey (Green Diesels) (Acrylic)
    RM321 B R Steam Loco Dark Blue (1948 - 1951)
    RM2322 Freight Stock Grey Pre 1964 (Acrylic)
    RM323 B R Freight Stock Bauxite (Pre 1964)
    RM324 Pullman Umber
    RM325 Pullman Cream
    RM326 Royal Train Plum
    RM327 Underframe Brown (Early Blue/Grey Livery)
    RM328 Ice Blue
    RM329 Early Post Office (G P O ) Red.
    RM330 B R Road Vehicle Yellow
    RM400 Signal Engineers Red
    RM401 Signal Engineers Yellow
    RM2402 Frame Dirt (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
    RM2403 Roof Dirt (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
    RM2404 Light Rust (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
    RM2405 Dark Rust (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
    RM2406 Sleeper Grime (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
    RM2407 Matt Varnish (Acrylic)
    RM2408 Satin Varnish (Acrylic)
    RM2409 Gloss Varnish (Acrylic)
    RM2412 Weathered Black (Acrylic)
    RM413 Aluminium
    RM414 Polished Steel
    RM2415 Oily Steel (Acrylic)
    RM2416 Brake Dust (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
    RM417 Copper
    RM418 Brass
    RM2419 Matt Black (Acrylic)
    RM420 Coal Black
    RM2421 Matt White (Acrylic)
    RM2422 Concrete (Acrylic)
    RM2423 Light Brick (Acrylic)
    RM2424 Dark Brick (Acrylic)
    RM450 Faded Rail Red
    RM451 Faded Rail Blue
    RM452 Faded Warning Panel Yellow
    RM500 Railmatch Thinners per 15ml jar.
    RM2506 Universal Primer (Acrylic)
    RM600 G W R Pre 1928 Green
    RM601 G W R Post 1928 Green
    RM602 G W R Coach Brown
    RM603 G W R Coach Cream
    RM604 G W R Freight Stock Grey.
    RM605 G W R Coach Roof White
    RM606 G W R (Buildings) Light Stone
    RM607 G W R (Buildings) Dark Stone
    RM608 G W R China Red
    RM609 G W R Indian Red
    RM610 L M S Crimson Lake.
    RM611 L M S Freight Grey.
    RM612 L M S Freight Bauxite
    RM613 L M S Coach Roof Grey
    RM620 L N E R Doncaster Green
    RM621 L N E R Darlington Green
    RM622 L N E R Garter Blue
    RM623 L N E R Coach Teak
    RM624 L N E R Freight Grey
    RM625 L N E R Red Oxide
    RM630 S R Light Olive
    RM631 S R Dark Olive
    RM632 S R Malachite Green
    RM633 S R Goods Brown
    RM634 S R Wagon Grey
    RM635 S R Venetian Red
    RM640 S & D Blue
    RM645 Caledonian Blue
    RM650 Midland Railway Red
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  12. Chuffer

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    VW Sumatra Green cellulose paint was perfect for BRS coach green. The last pot I bought from a VW paint supplier was around 1989, so it may well be discontinued but if I can find out more I'll update this thread soon. For those who remember my layout Hursley, colour images of the push/pull set appeared in a Railway Modeller back in 1990 - sadly I don't have any colour prints of my own from that period.
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  13. Len Cattley

    Len Cattley Western Thunderer

    What colour does Halford do for BR Bauxite?

  14. BrushType4

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    Oxide Primer?
  15. Len Cattley

    Len Cattley Western Thunderer

    Ok I'll have a look when I get to Halford.
  16. hrmspaul

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    Its not really orangey enough, but there is no substitute available. There is a lovely photo in this month (April 2016) Backtrack p197 of a brake van special, the two leading vehicles are very obviously brandly GR's and the contast with those behind them is extremely noticeable! And I don't believe the Freight stock red was as orange in 64 as earlier, but difficult to prove.

    I agree Halfords primer red oxide - although other similar paints are probably just a suitable and would give a bit of variety.

    Paul Bartlett
  17. Len Cattley

    Len Cattley Western Thunderer

  18. warren haywood

    warren haywood Western Thunderer

    There are plenty of Ral and Bs colours and any auto paint supplier worth its salt will supply you an aerosol in enamel or celly.
    Maybe ral 8004 as a starting point
    3009 is red oxide
    Bs381c 445 is also a possibility
  19. Lancastrian

    Lancastrian Western Thunderer

    I've used Renault 923 (MMD6-5550) Vert CE for BR(S) EMU & DEMU's.

  20. Al Tait

    Al Tait Western Thunderer

    Does anyone happened to have an idea on a Halfords Rattle can for Barclays Blue as carried by POA & SSA scrap wagons? And the Yellow if its not standard Warning Panel Yellow. I need to place an order for Primer and I might as well bump it up with this is I can.