Finney 7 LNER A4

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by P A D, 1 October 2018.

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    As well as the linkage (F40) you need some 0.45 wire and part F41 to complete the puzzle. upload_2021-3-25_10-21-35.png
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    Thanks for the kind words, but I assure you there is far more solder on the model than I would have liked. Just like the Mickoos, Dikitrikis and others on here, I try to use the minimum amount of solder required to do the job, but it doesn't always work out like that. Then it's lots of elbow grease with scrapers and the glass fibre scratchy brush. Of course, whenever possible I solder on the inside and then I can be as profligate with the solder as I like. :D

    I see Simon, Warren (who has the model for painting) and Richard have kindly answered your question and there's nothing further I can add.

    It's a wonderfull kit who's design concept by Martin Finney has been taken to the next level by Mick Davies at F7 with their W1 kit. Enjoy the rest of your build.