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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Genghis, 28 April 2015.

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    PPE from Wuhan..................... id guess a lot of people don't know that.Mind you considering we are a vassal state of the ex Peoples Republic it shouldn't be a surprise either....Regards Brian W
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    That is good forward planning.

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    Any good pubs? Bet there is a Dutch run Irish bar!
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  4. Deano747

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    Didn't stop in Wuhan, but a very good pub/restaurant in Novosibirsk with draught Guiness!! Good food too!

    Regards, Rob
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    You should have been an Ascoteer!
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  6. Genghis

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    Some nice photos provided by Paul Moore today:


    The Coal Engine is set for some weathering on the grounds that I doubt if one was ever this clean in BR days!
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  7. Genghis

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    Hard on the heels of the last pair, an S15 has emerged from Paul Moore's workshop.

    This will be weathered so more photos to follow.

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    "The Coal Engine is set for some weathering on the grounds that I doubt if one was ever this clean in BR days!"
    I know what you mean. Ex.LNWR engines don't look right unless they are grimy. I wonder if anyone ever timed a loco to see how long it took to get from ex-works repaint to everyday condition.
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  9. Genghis

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    Here they are after a couple of days on the road..........

    Well done Paul!
  10. Genghis

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    Gosh! No post since October.....

    I have recently been working on a Slater's pug, to be finished as a freelance industrial. It has not been an easy build. I could not get the final drive gearbox to work and the supplied motor is a bit large for the body and would leave no room for the DCC chip and speaker to be fitted. It is now waiting for an ABC Pug unit to replace the supplied box. The other main issue has been no clearance between the crosshead and leading coupling rod boss. I had to reduce the thickness of the bosses. It is also waiting for the cab to be fitted properly which I think will be best done after painting.


  11. JimG

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    I remember making some wheels for a Drummond Caledonian pug (actually a Neilsen design) and the official drawings showed that the driving wheels were overall 3/4" thinner than standard to clear the slidebars, and even then that clearance was of the "fag paper" dimensions. It could be that the prototype of your pug had a similar arrangement. The person who was using my wheels to make the model said "Yes please" when I asked if he wanted the thinner wheels. :):):)

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    Did anything come of the Caley Pug, Jim?
  13. john lewsey

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    The Coal engine looks good. Will there be a sloping smoke box option
  14. Genghis

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    We have it in mind to produce a conversion kit that would also I think do the Coal Tank.
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    Hi David

    Good to see you posting again!
    How's this Covid affecting your travels? It's a real pain for us positioning around the world for work!!

    Regards, Rob.
  16. Genghis

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    I am hoping that my travels are over.....

    Prior to the last arrival in Taiwan I needed a rapidly analysed PCR test (£300) and on arrival had to spend 14 days in a government quarantine centre as UK was classified as a high risk country. The advantage to that was that it was free, so I didn't have to spend the £1200 that I did the times before in quarantine hotels. To return to UK I needed another rapidly analysed PCR test in Taiwan (£180) and to book two tests to take this week at home (£220). My return flight was £2400 - prices have certainly gone up and carriers are limited. I returned yesterday with Turkish Airlines (recommended) via Istanbul. I was supposed to be flying to Birmingham, but having pushed back from the gate in Taipei 10 minutes early, a technical fault with the Dreamliner resulted in a 2 hour 20 minute late departure With a 2 hour 40 minute connection in Istanbul I knew it was going to be tight. Despite the efforts of Turkish Airlines ground staff to whisk me through secret short cuts the connecting flight closed before I got to the gate. Fortunately there was an afternoon flight to Manchester so I was rebooked on that. Amazingly my luggage (two cases: one clothes, and a bigger one with model railway bits in) turned up. UK immigration was surprisingly efficient. Turkish Airlines staff were also checking paperwork thoroughly.

    So I am now back in Blighty and will shortly have a coffee and a soak in the bath will get on with sorting out some Gladiator issues, packing kits and starting my next build. I cannot finish the pug until the motor gearbox arrives.

    I have also bought some DCC kit so will have a play with that.

    It's good to be back!
  17. Genghis

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    Greetings from Taiwan! Yes, I'm surprised to be back as well.

    The next build is a Gladiator, ex-Fourtrack, ex-Steve Barnfield LNER B16. As usual I have started with the tender. For the first time I have been using my RSU. What a pleasant surprise this was . Very easy to use and I think for this kit close to essential. The kit has overlays for the sides and flares. Additionally the tank top is soldered to supports formed by the tank side inners. I attached the first side overlay using my normal method (gas torch). Imagine my surprise when after a few test prods to get the right voltage, using the RSU turned out to be a doddle. I had always seen that fixing things like lamp irons would be easier with an RSU. However, being in Taiwan (110v 60hz) wasn't conducive to using my London Road RSU (240V 50Hz).

    The tender body went together well and now needs the castings adding and the frames constructed. Looking at the photos I need to adjust the rear flare. I am going to be stuck in a quarantine hotel for the next two weeks and will move into a serviced apartment after that while I conclude what I really hope will be the final assignment. I have brought an I3 to do as well as the B16. The little pug is still waiting on the motor.






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    Boy voyage!
  19. Genghis

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    I'm looking forward to the return..........
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    give it a try. You won't damage the transformer but it will only have about half the expected power at a given setting. If you aren't using it at full power @240V, it could work. I wouldn'd care too much about the 50/60Hz difference.

    Edit: Sorry, you will only get 1/4 power. :oops: