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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Genghis, 28 April 2015.

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    Interestingly (or not, perhaps) I understand that the LMS introduced "concentration depots" and "garages" in 1935 so the use of the term "garage" is not entirely without precedent in railway use.

    Now, I must get back to counting those rivets.....

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    So back to the bench and the frames are now ready for clean up and painting. I have produced a motor bracket but have yet to see if the motor will fit now the brakes are in place.........



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    David, looks like a very enjoyable day out. But...….. I thought you risked a $5000 fine if you were found wandering the streets.....?
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    No my mandatory quarantine finished on 24 March so I am free to roam with the rest of the population now!

    However, there are strict rules about wearing face masks on public transport. £500 fine for failure to cover up. Thermal imaging cameras are used at the ticket barriers of both conventional and high speed rail and MRT stations. Forbidden to travel if temperature of 38 degrees or above. Could be problematic if you start to warm up while a long way from home.

    But Taiwan has managed very well so far. For historic reasons they don’t trust anything Beijing says and realised there was a serious problem in Wuhan early on. Taiwan was quick to bar entry to anyone - its own citizens included - who had been to that area. Now there is a total ban on entry to anyone who isn’t a citizen or resident. So a different sort of lockdown: for most people here life is continuing more or less as normal.
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    T320 was the first of the branch line diesels supplied to Victorian Railways. They were nearly standard EMD export model G8 locos, the steps and pilots were to VR specification. EMD also produced the very similar looking G12 model with a larger engine. G8 and G12 locos were sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Victoria and other places with variations in cab profile and either Bo-Bo or A1A-A1A wheel arrangements. To be pedantic the colloquial name for them in Victoria was 'Flat top T', the high nose T was the next models with raised cab.
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    Work continues. I am waiting for some dry weather so I can spray the frames. I did find out that the motor fits once I removed the cross wire for one set of brake block pivots. So on with the body. Boiler assembly fixed to footplate, firebox side plates, steam pipes and conduits added. It was till wet when I took the photo! I have since adjusted the drunken lamp iron.

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    I knew that so I have no idea why I referenced it as a High Nose!
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    Friday was a beautiful warm sunny day here so I was able to get on the roof and do some spraying.


    Yesterday was a productive day at the bench. Just need to add steps and straps to the smoke deflectors and pipe the backhead.


    I had hoped to finish it off today, but a surfeit of red wine last night put paid to my being in any condition to be at the bench today.....
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    I had hoped that this post was the one in which I could show off the completed (bar painting) model, but..............

    The chassis was reassembled (with motor) and all lovely and smooth with the rods on. Also fine with con rods in and the return crank off. However in this condition the radius rod could move more than it would normally and this disguised the fact that I hadn't taken out quite enough material in the fork of the valve rods, so at the very forward end of the crosshead movement the combination lever was marginally tight. Worse than that, with the motion set in forward gear as I had it, the return cranks didn't want to pass to the rear of the axle centre line.

    So remove the bits (aren't removable cylinders/motion brackets so so handy) and strip down. The pins I used to form an axis for the false drop links and expansion links were soldered on one side of the motion bracket support so came out easily. The false drop link will be changed for a shorter one to put the engine in mid gear.

    The pins through the valve spindle/combination lever joint were lightly soldered on one side only so a quick pass with a file and it was possible to drift the pin out. Then I removed a little material from the lever, checked that the new degree of motion was sufficient, fitted a new pin and promptly soldered the joint solid. At which point I decided I should come to work for some light relief.........

    I am only working part time at present, usually afternoons as I prefer to do the modelling when I am more awake. Just not awake enough this morning......
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    That's caught me out a few times as well…...
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    Nearly there.............

  12. Genghis

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    Started plumbing the backhead. Prepared the castings. Had two stolen by pixies: cannot find anywhere. Help! plea to home. Replacements in post tomorrow................Grr!
  13. Genghis

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    My assumption that pixies had stolen two of the backhead castings was disproved by the realisation that the same castings are missing from a number of kits in store: looks like Mr Stupid here had not realised that a batch of castings was only half-baked...anyway Mrs Gladiator found a bag of castings containing complete sprues of the correct bit and the missing pieces are winging their way to Taoyuan now.

    So now we are done apart from the final jobs that Paul Moore will do and the backhead. Smoke deflectors, tender tanks and couplings to be fitted. Here are some photos.

    DSC_0001a.JPG DSC_0002a.JPG DSC_0003a.JPG DSC_0005a.JPG DSC_0020a.JPG DSC_0021a.JPG DSC_0022a.JPG DSC_0024a.JPG DSC_0025a.JPG DSC_0026a.JPG

    I have no idea about SR route codes............but she runs nicely on the test track (two Peco points and half a yard of track either end).

    The tender pull rods are a siple affair but left unpainted to ease bogie removal if required for painting the body. I decided to modify the tender bogie fixing by using a 1/8" axle bearing as a bush.

    So I can get on now with the backhead and then clean the bench for the next job: the latest creation from the Northstar stable, a Coal Engine. I need to complete the instructions for this as I build it. I did the test build for the first set of drawings. Adrian updated the etches to incorporate some suggestions. I am expecting a quick build.
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    While I am waiting for the postman to bring the backhead castings for the S15 I have made a start on the build of the Coal Engine. Although simple I have to take my time and photograph every step as I need to write the instructions.

    This is where I have got up to:

    I am reusing the wheels from the previous build and managed to round the hexagonal hole in the fixing screw, hence the strange appearance of the right hand wheel. I have a replacement. Anyway, please to report no issues and a free rolling chassis.
  15. Genghis

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    Not had much time at the bench but progress has been good.



    The ashpan floor is just placed for effect. Not sure yet whether it can be fitted: depends on the gearbox.

    I have to send to Trisha for another Red Cross parcel: I forgot to pack a brake cylinder. I could also do with restocking some small fittings. Pity I didn't realise earlier and they could have been sent with the as-yet-to-arrive S15 bits.

    The front springs will not survive intact for long: the leading edge will interfere with the smokebox and will have to be cut away. It will all be hidden by the sandboxes.

    I built the first test build with the earlier wooden brakes. This time I have gone for the later cast iron ones. Nice to see that it is possible to get the wheels out!

    I'll get the motor/gearbox reaction arm in place and then make a start on the body.
  16. Genghis

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    The last job on the frames before starting the body was to fashion and fit a torque reaction arm. I found that the ashpan floor can also fit without interfering with anything so that's as far as I can get with the frames until the brake cylinder arrives.

  17. Genghis

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    Not washed yet, but some progress with the superstructure.



    Drag beam, drag beam plates, valances and splashers added.
  18. Genghis

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    Not had time to post but the Coal Engine.jpg Coal Engine test build has made good progress.

    The tweaks that Adrian made to the etches have worked well. Next job will be to add the fittings and castings.

    I had been waiting on a parcel containing - amongst other things - a LNWR brake cylinder. That arrived OK together with the castings needed to complete the S15 back head so I may have a little diversion to complete that first.
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    Hi Genghis , I'm obviously missing something but who's kit is this as a Coal engine is on my hit list . I have parts that i cut out for a scratch build but like the idea of a kit .
    Cheers Paul
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    All is explained when you read the whole thread.