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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by BrushType4, 9 September 2011.

  1. Osgood

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    Well I didn't know so I had to investigate!

    It's a single-piece (solid block with bored hole) bearing or support block - often used as a budget bearing, but in this case they are being used to support an axle which is prevented from turning by locking screws located in the block where you might expect to see a greaser.
    Note the wheel with bronze bearing rotates on the fixed shaft.

    Ah, something else learned today!
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  2. Tom Insole

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    You'll be surprised how quickly you pick it all up! especially with some 2d drawing skills. I'm slowly learning my way around Solidworks (only because work has let me have use of it). there's so many video tutorials out there on how to do certain things that you have to do in a different way to how you'd craft it by hand... Before you know it you'll be designing a whole locomotive... Or is that Just me? I started with no CAD skills what so ever :O
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  3. eastsidepilot

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    I think you'll find that the 'dead eye' just acts as a clamp on the spindle or axle, the wheel, if you read the drg., shows it has a bronze bush, it is this that revolves around the spindle which is fixed.
    The same principle is used on the older style motorcycle swinging arm frames and con-rod little ends that support the pistons . These use phosphor bronze bushes, the reason for using bronze is the fact that it is essentially self lubricating.

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  4. BrushType4

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    Thats interesting. Looking again at the drawing, I can see how that works. I need to update the my 3d now :rolleyes:
  5. BrushType4

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    And the best bit about 3D printing is the product.


    Must be heavy as it’s broken the pallet.
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  6. BrushType4

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    Back to laser cutting and converted my 7mm scale pub to 4mm.


    I'm really pleased how well the engraved glass has come out.
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  7. john lewsey

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    Thats nice Phil, the glass is superb
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  8. Pencarrow

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    That glass is superb!
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  9. BrushType4

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    Hot on the heels of the Railway Tavern is the 4mm cottage kit based on a WT'er (or three) house.

    4mm Cottage.jpg 4mm Cottage1.jpg
  10. cbrailways

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    Hi Phil. Are you going to that in 7mm as well? If so what will be the depth with and without the pavement?
  11. BrushType4

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    Yes, the 7mm versions are available in my shop. I'm just building up stock of these as I've had a a few orders in the last month. They are in two depths, third relief and half relief. For this building, thats;

    Attached Files:

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  12. cbrailways

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    Hi Phil. Thanks for that. Just to confirm that the two depths shown on the drawing are without pavements. Its a bit difficult to see the very light grey outlines on your drawings.
  13. BrushType4

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    Yes, without pavements.
  14. cbrailways

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    Thanks Phil.
  15. BrushType4

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    I've got to make a half decent photo plank for a customer and so I thought I'd try and visualise it in 3d. I would normally have bits of track and cardboard to do this but this time, I thought I'd get down with the kids and do it in 3d software.

    So with a photo to inspire the design and some of my buildings simply drawn in 3d...

    this.jpeg Top view.jpeg View3d1.jpeg 3dview6.jpeg 3dview5.jpeg Untitled3dview5.jpeg

    It will all make sense in a few weeks...

    Have a look for yourselves
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  16. BrushType4

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    A little bit excited, to keep up with demand I've added another laser to the stable. 120watt Trotec 400 with vision. The vision will allow me to accurately cut and engrave around preprinted work. I've some exciting plans in that direction.

  17. AndyJEH

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    Brilliant! Look forward to seeing how you get on with vision. Excited to see what else you get up to the excellent progress and projects you’ve made so far. Raising the bar all the time. Cheers, andy
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  18. richard carr

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    Great to see business going so well.

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  19. LarryG

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    I couldn't have put it better. :thumbs:
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  20. Mike Garwood

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    Excellent news Phil...does this mean we shall get some 4mm doors and windows soon? Can't wait to see how your range expands.

    Stay safe

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